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Task Planning and Execution: The Get Ready, Do, Done Model

This model is created and copyrighted by Cognitive Connections. The "Get Ready, Do, Done" process outlines task planning and execution for students with executive function challenges. This presentation is intended for students to use and self-cue.

Lauren Scheiper

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Task Planning and Execution: The Get Ready, Do, Done Model


How will I feel when I am finished?
What will my assignment look like when it is done?
Can I picture it?
Make a future sketch!
Is this the same but different as another assignment I have done?
Now that I know what it will look like when it is DONE, I can figure out what I have to DO!
What are the steps?
How much time do I want this to take?

Mark my stop spot.

What is my halfway checkpoint?

Set the timer.

S Strategies / Sheets

M Materials

A Art Supplies

R Resources / Reach Out

T Technologies
Am I regulated?
Use my SMARTS!
Pre-Frontal Cortex

Get a drink
Have a snack
Listen to some music
(C) Cognitive Connections - 2014
Lauren Scheiper - LaurenS@efpractice.com
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