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Zen and the Art of Faking it

No description

Rineeta L

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Zen and the Art of Faking it

Zen and the Art of Faking it
Rising Action
On San's fist day of school, he meets a girl named Woody. They get to know each other during the classes they have together. Later in social studies, they get paired up for a project. For the project, they decide to volunteer at the soup kitchen and how to do free throws. The B team was really impressed at San's basketball skills after he beat Peter at a free throw competition, so they ask San to mentor them. After lots of practice, the B team challenges the A team to a tournament and they end up winning with San's help. Lastly, Woody and San were at the soup kitchen when everything started falling down.
The climax is when the truth about San faking being a Zen master comes out.
Falling Action
After the truth comes out, Woody ignores San because he lied to her. Also, Peter gets extremely mad at San for breaking Woody's heart and Peter beats San up. San also decides to be truthful and goes to school as himself instead of faking.
In the end, Woody forgives San for lying to her when San apologizes to her.
The main characters are San Lee and Emily Long(aka Woody). The setting is in Harrisonville, Pennsylvania. The main conflict is that San is pretending to be a Zen master when he moves to a new school.
It takes real courage to admit your lies.
San vs. Self
San has a conflict with himself because he isn't sure whether to tell everyone he was faking being a Zen master or to just continue with his act.
Dynamic or Static
San is a dynamic character because at first he was acting like a Zen master, but as the story progresses and the truth comes out, he doesn't try to cover it up. He admits his lies. Therefore, he changes, so he is dynamic.
Round or Flat
San is a round character because he has different characteristics. He can be caring with his loved ones, but harsh at times. An example is when San refuses to talk to his father because of his father's lies.
About San Lee
San is adopted and his adoptive dad is in jail for many crimes. He used to live in Houston, but he moved. He moved to Harrison, Pennsylvania and goes to Harrison Middle School and is in eighth grade. He has a crush on Emily Long.
About Emily Long (aka Woody)
Emily's birth mom left her dad and her. Then her dad remarried Peter's mom. Peter is her step brother. She is in eighth grade. She calls herself Woody because it reminds her of her mom and her favorite music.
My prediction for what will happen to San in High School
After eight grade ends, San decides to be himself for high school.
I predict he will join the basketball team because of all the basketball related activities he did in eighth grade. Also, I think that San and Woody will end up dating because they both admitted they liked each other.
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