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The Guptan Empire

No description

Bria Leflore

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Guptan Empire

The Guptan Empire
The Golden Age
Military Organization
The Guptans looked to rely on infantry archers, and the bow was one of the dominant weapons of their army.
A Guptan temple
Guptan sculptures
A Guptan statue of Buddha
As you can see the Gupta Empire is located near Pataliputra. Between the Arabian Sea and Bay Of Bengal.
This is a small portion map of the Gupta Empire.
Profound Knowledge
Chess started in this era. Infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariotry were represented by some of the pieces.
Guptan Poetry
The earliest Indian epics were thought to be composed around the era of the Guptans.

This period is specifically called the "Golden Age of India" and was shown clearly by findings in art, literature, logic, and philosophy that truly revealed the potential of their great civilization.
Religion In Gupta
The Guptan Empire had very strong beliefs in Hinduism.
What is the Gupta Empire?
The Gupta Empire is an ancient Indian empire, founded by Maharaja Sri Gupta.
The Guptan Art and Architechture
The Guptans mostly focused on temples, but they were destroyed by invaders.
This period is called the Golden Age of India and was marked by broad inventions and findings in science, art, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, religion and philosophy that enhanced the elements of what is generally known as the Hindu Culture.

The high point of the cultural creativity are architecture, sculpture, and art.
The Guptan Empire was one of the largest political and military empires in ancient India.The Guptan Dynasty ruled India, north of the Vindhya Range during the 4th and 5th centuries AD.The Guptan Rulers were great conquerors and good administrators.
The peace and prosperity created under the rule of the Guptas enabled scientific and artistic breakthroughs.
The Guptan Empire was one of the most wealthy peaceful civilizations of its time.
Both Buddhism and Hinduism were very popular.
The rulers of Gupta were all Hindu which is one reason why the Buddhists were driven out.
Then they started to prosecute the Buddhists, which led them to run to the hills where they built caves near Ajanta.
In these caves they painted sculptures showing Buddhist stories.
There were 29-30 caves which were built with simple tools.
This temple is called the Vishnu Temple which is located at Deograh in central India. It was built in 500 B.C.
The Guptas also had knowledge of siegecraft, catapults, and other sophisticated war machines
The Guptans showed little liking to using horse archers, regardless of the fact that the warriors were main part in the ranks of their enemies.
The temples were constructed on a high base which was available by stairs on all four sides.
Here is a picture of a temple:
The amazing palaces and temples had the highest quality sculpture and paintings.
The Gupta established a strong central government which also allowed a degree of local control.
Here is a picture of the Golden Age Coin:
Here is a picture of the Guptan Military:
Well as we learned the Gupta Empire had many of the components that you read about here. This was was very strong empire. I hope you learned a lot about the Gupta Empire and how it contributes to our lives today.
Thank You.
Carlos Flores
Bria Leflore
Serene Liberta
Lorenzo Garcia
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