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Copy of Copy of Sales Promotion

A marketing presentation by Andrew Washuta, John Sanclemente, Chris Kirkpatrick

Mari Mary

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Sales Promotion

M Square Café Everyone has own strengthens, the disabilities including physically challenge or mentally challenge are no exceptions.
If given opportunities and proper help, people with disabilities who are talented in art can definitely find their way to perform with their talents. GE1218 Make a Difference: The Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World Group 2

Yau Yee Yeung
Ko Tsz Ying
Lung Yau Ching
Yu Hoi Ying
Tsang Man Yee Mary
Tong Wai Nam Agenda http://www.forbes.com/2007/06/20/omnicom-burger-king-ent-sales-cx_ll_0620freetrial.html
http://barnraisersllc.com/2011/12/12-case-studies-prove-roi-social-media-coupons/ References Social Vision & Mission Aims & Objectives About Us Social Business Opportunity SWOT Sustainability Values Building the self-confidence of the disabilities by using their talents Aims & Objectives Marketing Plan Sustainability Structural sustainability–
offer stable employment, extend &expand social impact Thanks for watching! This is the end of our presentation treat people with respect

promote a fair and barrier-free society

allow the disabled to earn their own living with their talents Examples Marketing Plan & Strategies About Us Target Group Music Café Performance platform
Training workplace WE Establishing and operating a platform for the talented disabilities on a non-profit market basis Promoting a positive image of the disabilities and sharing their views with the public Building the self-confidence of the disabilities by using their talents Insufficient of employment rate
Only 13.2% disabilities get the jobs (2009) Social Vision & Mission Low subsidy

Normal Disability Allowance:
HK$1,450 per month
Higher Disability Allowance:
HK$2,900 per month

Hard to maintain their life without jobs According to the rehabilitation sector , the unemployment rate may be higher than the public 20% to 30% Social Problems Social Vision & Mission Social Mission Providing another channel for the disabilities to gets jobs
Promoting local art culture (Especially in disabilities)
[Live Band Show or Handmade Workshop]
Cooperating with the restaurant, shopping malls and other potential business Improve the image and living quality for disabilities Target Group High priority
The disabilities with art talents
Joining band, e.g. music players
Low priority
The disabilities with normal working skills
Running the cafe, e.g. waiter and waitress Ways to find potential workers
Cooperating with The Arts with the Disabled Association (ADA) Hong Kong
Organizing the contest, attracting disabilities association
Cooperating with the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Social Business Opportunity A music performance platform
A low price professional music band
High quality dessert Promotion f Web media – SNS, Social Enterprise Gallery, blog, website, etc. TV and Road show

Radio – RTHK

NGOs promotion Print Media – magazine, newspaper, poster, etc Branding Chance
Combination ALL in M Square Café SWOT People with disabilities have different strength in art.
Concentrated, hard-working and willing to learn in work.
Diversified services
Have the meaningful social mission Strengths The efficiency maybe low.
May have high turnover
Have not enough money to do the promotion.
People with disabilities have different difficulties in learning new things. Weaknesses Seed funding can give help in finance.
Some of the rich men may will to donate money or be the investment.
Many Hong Kong people are willing to support the disabilities. Opportunities Face to the competition from the outside enterprise groups.
Rental fee will be unaffordable, and will be change every year.
Need to pay the Minimum Wage. Threats Short term financial strategy:
patient or below-market investment Financial sustainability– generate continuous income Long term financial strategy: make both ends meet
Income from music café
Employ people with disabilities at higher than normal salary
Employ more people with disabilities Programme development of Music café
Different themes for certain period of time
Cooperate with famous artist / brand
Holiday / special event
Holiday event
Party: rent the place for special event Operational sustainability– create continuous impact Balance of demand & supply
Double bottom line / Metrics of evaluation:
Financial performance
Surplus / deficit generated from the project at operation level
Mechanism of rating social value:
No. of training placement
No. of disabled / disadvantage employee
Training relevant to open market
Public education & community integration
Image building for the organization
(New Life’s evaluation method) Social enterprise: First Sense Non-SE: Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong Social enterprise:
Teresa New Life Coffee Shop Source of capital Government’s startup fund ‘Enhancing Employment of People with disabilities through Small Enterprise Project’
market-driven approach
(driven by demand to make money)
direct creation of more work opportunities for people with disabilities Maximum $2 million per business
maximum funding period is three years
self-sustaining after the funding period.

Example of supported projects:
iBakery Gallery Café Short term
(seed money) Social enterprise grant from charity banks (e.g. DBS bank, HSBC) Long term Two years or above
Social mission: Create training and job opportunities for disadvantaged groups
minimum: HK$25,000
maximum: HK$200,000. SVhk Capital Long term To invest in our business if we are influential in society

Example of supported projects:
Dialogue in the dark
Diamond cap Utilization of profit How to use seed money? Miscellaneous expense Promotion Staff training Operating cost Startup cost Costing Rent Salaries Pricing Pricing objective: Quality leadership
special kinds and high quality of goods and services to attract customers
Pricing method: Cost-plus pricing (mark up 20%)
to have profit to finance operating expenses and recycle capital

Higher than market price (relative to major competitor such as Starbucks)

Per capita consumption :
normal: $50-60
set lunch and dinner :$80-100
(reference: Teresa New Life Coffee Shop) Comparative Advantage Similar Café:
Teresa New Life Coffee Shop
Theme Café for Teresa Tang

M Square Café
Live Band Café
Meet more friends who love music Similar Band Show Cafe
Full Cup Café
Performance Time: 15:00-17:00 ( Mon and Wed)
For leisure, talk, eat and listen to live band

M Square Café
Regular and Daily Performance (Tea Time and Dinner Time)
For leisure, talk, eat, listen to live band and play board games
Customer Solo Time: after live band show Customer Satisfaction Management focus group secret customers suggestions form Employee evaluation Disabled / disadvantage employee (PIR): focus group vote for the monthly MVP Conclusion
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