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No description

Abhradeep Das

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of A CDM

Finally THE CDM CONCEPT A- CDM KEY ACHIEVEMENTS The CDM principles Common Situational Awareness (CSA) based on accurate and timely information TAXIWAY Operationalisation of TWY R (Reduced ROT by 10 secs for every a/c) Optimizing airport facilities lies in the progressive adoption of a multi-partner operating model and Collaborative Decision-Making In view of that Kolkata ATC had taken following steps INITIATIVES Clear decision, rules and agreed role and responsibilities Awareness / warning when decision is lacking MEETINGS WITH STAKEHOLDERS AND AIRPORT OPERATOR ARE CONDUCTED REGULARLY Already in place for evaluation Delays (TAXI-IN/ TAXI-OUT and holding point delay) ROT Approach speed Implies reduced separation in arrival ( 7 miles on trial basis) matter under review in local CDM with the operators for standardization R 19L H1 Operationalisation of TWY H and J
( reduce bottleneck situation for entry to the apron ) J1 Creation of Taxilane joining F1 and A is under consideration LVP
Provision of providing cat-II holding point at K is in progress
as K holding point does not come under critical and sensitive area of ILS kolkata. RUNWAY 19L ROT will decrease by 95 seconds for each departure. Therefore fuel saving will be more than 400 kg for 20 a/c ,so 20 kg /departure Reduced ROT for departure resulting in reduction of Track mileage for arrival from 20 to 14 NM.

Approximate fuel saving for each arrival will be
50 kg and C0 emmision will reduce by 158 kg per aircraft LVP statistics for last winter provision of providing cat-II holding point at K is in progress as K holding point does not come under critical and sensitive area of ILS kolkata. K Approx fuel saving: CO2 emission: Number of operation: ILS RUNWAY 19R Implemented from Nov 2012 Enhanced the use of the airport in poor visibility condition whenever main RWY is taken under NOTAM Transmissometer installed ,expected to be operational soon.
So further reduction of minima is expected Simultaneous use of RWYs The visibility criteria to use both the RWY can be reduced to 2500m from 3000m (for departure from 19R without RWY lights) enhancing the airport capacity. Standard taxi route for arrival during simultaneous use of runways is formulated to avoid possible human error, implementation is under process
(operators input pending) DCL Pre-departure clearance issued on datalink before push back and start up clearance.
( Pre-departure clearance is given on voice on request in SMC freqn) Matter taken up with operator for extensive use of DCL to reduce R/T congestion and enhance safety Wrong RWY arrival averted: 04 A SMGCS To enhance safety net increase in ASMGCS coverage towards app path is in progress Kolkata Airport Constraints Parallel runways separated
by 213m 'A’ taxitrack is 116 m from the secondary RWY A 19R 19L 19R F ‘F’ apron taxilane extension is pending No visual coverage for new apron and TXY F2 Only 1 apron taxilane is available in new apron To overcome this issues steps are taken to enhance the use of airport as well as safety Final Approach Spacing Airport CDM Information Sharing Variable Taxi
Calculation Collaborative
Sequencing CDM in
Conditions Collaborative Management of Flight Updates New Sector Kolkata ACC has a new flexible sector called sector North Benefits: Reduce R/T congestion Better utilization
of airspace Enhanced safety FUA FLEXIBLE USE OF AIRSPACE OF BARRACKPORE AND KALAIKUNDA BENEFIT : Shorter Routing Flexible routing during airspace closures due to Launching activity Talks with IAF are on to use Kalaikunda Airspace whenever not in use by IAF RHSM AND PBN 50-50 RHSM and PBN has resulted in fuel savings Pending issues with Dhaka RPL : flight operating from VECC to NE overflying Dhaka airspace is still pending ,awaiting approval from Dhaka. Separate arrival and departure route for route B593 is proposed and agreed in bilateral meeting. Implementation awaited Airport Information sharing Field Stations Let us tear down the walls between the airport partners and optimize the use of the airport Culture change is the biggest challenge! We will strive to achieve it VEBS 24 hrs availability which helped to cater the diversion flights during low visibility at Kolkata INDRA automation system type B will be installed shortly and an ADS B is also proposed in near future VERC INDRA automation system type A has been installed . Safety assessment ,training etc is completed conversion of controllers awaited Work in progress to Increase the basic strip VEPT Huge Tree cutting had taken place and that helped to reduce obstructions in Approach funnel TORA of RWY 07 has recalculated and has increased by 118m INDRA automation system type B will be installed shortly and an ADS B is also proposed in near future Basic strip has been graded Topics Fog Management Road blocks related to fog was effectively handled in a collaborative manner A F1 Operationalisation of new bays from 56R to 60L with aerobridge facility 2 A J H H1 Total Duration of LVP

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