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~Comparing the Nile River Valley to Tigris Euphrates River Valley~

~Comparing two rivers~

Ilya Zinyakin

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of ~Comparing the Nile River Valley to Tigris Euphrates River Valley~

THE NILE RIVER VALLEY... In 3000 BC, Egypt, in Africa.
The Nile River Valley is a civilization that live by the Nile river. The Meditaranium is the closest to the Nile river. The Nile River Valley is been in 3000 BC Hyrogliphics were old and hard written
writings. It mostly took place in ancient
Egypt. The Nile River Valley people used to write
in Hyrogliphics. Polytheistic religion means that the
people of Nile River believed in life
after death. Polytheistic religion. The Nile River people knew astronomy
and produced a calendar of 365 days. Calendar. Sorry no images. :( Tigris Euphrates River Valley. The civilization was found in Iraq. The valley
is known by how it floods unpredictable. Tigris Euphrates River Valley. Developed a system of writing called
Cuneiform, which were wedge-shaped
characters pressed into clay tablets. Cuneiform.
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