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Different Uses for Magnetism Today

magnetism is using many ways in medicine, astronomy, electronics, navigation, and toys.

wilson wood

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Different Uses for Magnetism Today

Medicine Astronomy Electronics Navigation Toys Compass In a compass, the magnetized needle aligns itself with the Earth's magnetic poles. Because the point of the needle is the magnetized north pole, it points to Earth's magnetic south pole, the geographic North Pole. Earth Solar Winds Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field called the magnetosphere. It has two magnetic poles, north and south. The magnetic south pole is equivilant to the geographic North Pole and the magnetic north pole is equivilant to the geographic South Pole. About every half-million years the magnetic poles flip. For many years, magnets have been used for medical purposes. One way that magnets are used to promote healing is that the magnets attract iron in the blood, creating more oxygen, which increases the flow of circulation in the body. Magnets are used in electric motors to create motion in the motor. This form of motion they create is called rotational motion. In an electric motor, the rotor is an electromagnet, and the field motor is a permanent motor. These magnets attract creating a magnetic field and powering the motor with motion. The “Geomag” is a toy for children in whom they can create structures of all different kinds using magnetic rods and spheres. The magnets in the rods and spheres attract using the opposite poles, allowing them to link or conjoin together to create a structure. Solar winds are streams of random charged particles flowing from the Sun made of plasma. The phenomenon known as the Northern Lights occurs when the solar winds hit the Earth's magnetosphere. Magnetism Today Bibliography Medicine
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