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If a Brain Transplant were Successful, Who Would I Be?

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Kelsey Waters

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of If a Brain Transplant were Successful, Who Would I Be?

If a Brain Transplant was Successful, Who Would I Be?
Brain Tissue Transplants:
Brain is the deciding factor in personal identity.
No successfully conducted brain transplant experiments have led to observable personality changes.
Similar procedures in smaller experiments
transplantation led to personality changes.
Memory + Personality:
Memory is the continuous process of "self-organization"
Formation of personality experienced as the aggregate of interrelationships between a person and the objective world.
Therefor serves as a basis of identification, creating personality.
"Memory performs the very psychological creation of personality". - Sereda 2011.
Brain = centre of conciousness.
Memories held in the brain create personality.
Dr. White's experiment provides scientific proof.
Brain transplants are
changes NOT
Dr. White's Experiment:
"If a brain transplant was successful the bodies current brain and personal identity would be replaced by the donors. Since the human brain is considered to be the substrate of personal identity, a person would remain who they are after a brain transplant, just in a different body."
Curious about head + body transplants
Body acts as a host for the brain.
Successfully attached one monkeys head to anothers body.
Monkey: confused, in pain, concious 2 days, dead after 1 week.
Dr. White's conclusion: concious mind remains the same, body is simply a host for the brain.
Mind + body seperated by "mental + physical world".
Experience + conditioning shape our character.
Brain transplants will not alter personal character
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