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Meet Online Synchonous OWL Appointments

Learn all about Meet Online appointments with ECU's Online Writing Lab.

Allison Meyers

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Meet Online Synchonous OWL Appointments

Who, What, Why, Where, How?
Meet Online: The *Synchronous*
Online Writing Lab

ECU Distance Education Students can use the OWL
It's a writing center appointment in real time
We can personalize your session more this way-- much more than sending your paper off to us
You just need some time in your schedule to "meet" virtually
Speak virtually with a consultant via live instant message chat (from your home computer)
Make changes to the draft of your document and talk through ideas together
The consultant can ask you questions about the assignment and guide you with more information-- and you can answer!
Navigate to ecu.mywconline.com
If you haven't already, make an account by clicking "click here to register"
Log in and choose the OWL schedule from the drop-down menu
You'll see the schedule. Look around and see where you have a free hour to work on your paper with a consultant. Open appointments are colored white. Click the box that works for you
A new window will appear. Choose Yes-Meet Online from the drop-down menu.
Fill in all fields. Be as detailed as possible
Click "Save Appointment" when you are done
You do not need to upload your document now
Your appointment will appear in red on the schedule
Remember your time!
At the time of your appointment (about 5-10 minutes before), log on to the OWL schedule and click your red appointment
Click Start or Join Online Consultation
A new window will appear. This is the whiteboard. The consultant will join the whiteboard as well.
Click the two arrows to upload your document.
your paper
Type messages to the consultant here and they will reply above (just type your message and hit enter)
message to consultant
anything you type or change will be visible to the consultant, and they can do the same and you will see it
You will have an hour to work with the consultant. When you guys are done, it's time to export.
Click the 2 arrows again. Choose to export the document as plain text or Microsoft Word
And that's it! If you have any questions or comments, please email us at OnlineWriting@ecu.edu!

We hope your Meet Online appointment meets your needs as a DE student. Thanks!
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