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Longer Passing Periods(fish)

No description

Mackenzie Martin

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Longer Passing Periods(fish)

Why? Because with the limited amount of time, most students have to carry multiple subjects to class. Penalties ~We are only allowed three tardies per semester and with only three minutes between classes, the tardies get used quickly.
~Don't get to go to the restroom because of limited time and teachers won't allow it
When students have to go outside to the other building the doors lock and they have to wait and have someone let them inside; this takes some of their passing time away. Disadvantages We would like five minute passing periods. Even though this would take away two minutes of
class time, there is usually two minutes that is wasted on waiting for people that are coming in late. There are also people that ask to go to there lockers at the beginning of the period. The Junior and Senior hallways have most of the classrooms and the Freshman and Sophomore halls don't have many classes. The last two minutes of class are usually used for packing up our belongings. When the bell rings the teachers expect us to be organized and ready to learn. This "School" needs Longer Passing Periods. Marley DeVoss,Mackenzie Martin,Kyndal Wallarab,Chelsea Vyncke,Alyssa McCorckle,Emily Ferry ~Gives students a chance to cause mishap
- drugs
-gossip between classes
-foolishness at lockers
-taking advantage of the time
~Less class time

What we want: Longer passing periods would give the students the ability to use the restroom; it's almost impossible to accomplish as is.
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