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Chapter 11 - 14 of The Kite Runner

No description

osman mustafa

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 11 - 14 of The Kite Runner

Plot Summary Themes Perspective The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Baba and Amir have now settled in Fermount, California, barely escaping from Afganhistan itself. To run their small one room apartment, Baba takes up a job at a gas station. Here he does not fit in at all and isnt happy one bit. However, Baba constantly tells Amir that they came to America just for Amir and his studies, so he should not feel pressured in any wat. In 1983 Amir successfully graduates highschool at the age of 20, and that evening Amir has his first drink at a bar. Suprisinglgy later that night Baba shows him his car that he would drive to college - a Ford Gran Torino. In the the autumn Amir attends his first day of college, and announces to Baba that he wants a major in English. Unfortunately Amir displeases his father because, Baba keeps on asking how will he make money, and how will he ever get a job. Amir and Baba buy a Volkswagon bus and go around to buy things at garage sales which is later sold at the flee maket. One day at the flee market Amir is introduced to Soraya the daughter of Baba's old friend; General Taheri. Later on Amir starts to court Soraya, but Baba tries to dissaude him to do so. Themes Present in Chapter 11 - 14 Tropology Location Developmental Structure Structure Visaul Structure Aural Structure Told in chronological form, however the story is told through Amir's narrative point of veiw, while other characters affect him such as Baba, General Taheri, and his duaghter Soraya. This part of the book begins with Amir's and Baba's first experience of another life in Fermont, California. So far their lives are not going well as Baba his discontent, with his job and the poeplethat surround them. However the family is constantly reminded that they came to America for Amir's education and future. The eleventh chapter is made up of 19 pages, and the second chapter has 26 pages. THe third chapter had also has 26 pages, while chapter four has only 5 pages and 17 prargrapghs. THere are also longer spaces between some paragraphs in the chapters signifying that a short period of time has been jumped. On page 132 the, "idea" is italicized bring some attention to the word and phrase itself. The quote reads "Baba Loved the idea of America". This is becuase Reagan called the Soviet Union the "evil empire" after they invaded Afghanistan. It could be also drawn Baba liked America, because at one point in his he might have wanted to come to see how it is, when he lived in Afganhistan. There is a short song that is written on page 180: a song sung by a Russian soldier at the Mahipur checkpoint the night Baba and Amir left Kabul.

Make morning into a key throw it into the well
Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly
Let the morning sun forget to rise in the east,
Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly

The ryhme pattern for these short verse are A, B, C, B. These short verses symbolise that they want to slow time down by making the "morning into a key" so and throw it down a well, so the sun never rises as everyone is enjoying the evening of the Niqah. This part of book is when they Baba and Amir immigrate to America. Chater 11, 12, and 13 takes place in Fremont, California during the 1980's. However, abruptly the time shifts in chapter 14 where it becomes June 2001, and Amir is found boarding a plane for Afgahistan at the end of chapter 14. The chapter ends, with what he book began with: "I thought of the life I had lived until the winter of 1975 came along and changed everything. And made me what I am today". The book is written in a first person perspective through the perspective of the narrator himself; Amir. IN this part the reader is able to witness for the first time the father-son relationship that is slowly building between them, something that Amir much longed for. However, not only that but for the first time Amir expresses love towards someone, and that someone is Soraya his wife, the daughter of General Taheri. Towards the end of chapter 14, Amir displays signs of nostalgia as he is headed back to Afghanistan to set things straight with Rahim Khan and his ever guilty past. Characters The narrator and the protagonist of the story. Amir is the sensitive and intelligent and is driven by his feelings of guilt as he searches to find a way to redeem himself. Amir is a gifted storyteller and grows from aspiring writer to published novelist. Father of Amir, and now the day manager of the gas station he works at. Discontent with his life as his job is physically demanding and does not pay well enough. Baba does find happiness in talking to and about Amir as he does well in first year of junior college, but is not pleased that Amir is doing an english major. however he still has some clashes with Amir, as their relationship is still being built up. Through these chapters he is diagnosed with a severe lung cancer which is inoperable, and eventually dies two months after the marriage of Amir and Soraya. Amir Baba Friend of Baba; but a second father to Amir. Rahim Khan is Baba’s closest confidant, and the one man who knows all of Baba’s secrets. Now, he is sick and dying and wants to set things straight with Amir; about Hassan and what really happened in Afghanistan while he was away in America. Rahim Khan Soraya’s father and a friend of Baba. General Taheri is proud to the point of arrogance at times, and he places great value on upholding Afghan traditions. He is in many ways the stereotypical Afghan male, both in his roles as a father and husband. General Taheri Amir’s wife. Soraya is steady, intelligent, and always there for Amir when he needs her. She can be strong-willed like her father, General Taheri, and deplores the way women are often treated in Afghan culture. Like Amir she has also had a handful things to deal in the last few years, especially at the age of eighteen. Soraya General Taheri’s wife and Soraya’s mother. Jamila plays the part of the typical Afghan wife and mother. She obeys her husband without question and wants nothing more than to see her daughter married. Was once a great and brilliant singer in Afghanistan, but unfortunatley she left her profession to look after her family and her husband. Jamillia Flea Market It represent the little Afghanistan communtiy which exists in Fermont, Caifornia General Taheri represents the sterotypical Afghan male in America, and that
poeple do not let go of traditions easily General Taheri At the end of chapter 14 while Amir is taking a stroll in the park, he sees a pair of red kites, reminding him of his guilty past Kites Continued .... Unfortunately he does; not becasue of his father but Soraya's father as he caught Amir giving Soraya his stories which he later throws in the trash. However, the most important reason was they were caught talking to eachother alone which extremely dissappoints and displeases Soraya's father. Baba is eventually diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, and refuses to get some medical treatment, unfortunately he has a seizure in the flee market and his rushed to the hospital. later Baba hurriedly make preperatitons for Amir and Soraya to get engaged, and eventually they get married. After getting married Soraya takes care of Baba but one month later he dies in his sleep. After Baba's death, Amir and Soraya start to follow a normal family rountin, where Soraya begins teaching at a school and Amir finishes his first book in 1988. They also try to concieve a child but are unsuccessful and then consider vito - fertilization, and adoption. It is also discovered, Amir has been thinking about going to Rahim Khan as he is very sick, and Amir also believes that there are too many dark secrets between them which have to be relived of. Class structure: After moving to America they have started a new life, leaving behind their wealth, power, influence, and respect back in Afghanistan.

Homeland and Nationality: Baba misses Afghanistan has he had everything back home, however for Amir moving to America was a way to bury his past memories of Afghanistan and start a new life.

Immigrant Experience: For Amir and Baba, adjusting to their new lives has been tough because as making a living is tough, displayed by the small one room apartment they live in, and there is no trust between the people.

Family Ties: Fathers & Sons: After coming to America Amir's and Baba's relationship has progressed to a level where they talk to each other and do many activities together like taking strolls in the park, yet tension and resistance still exists between them.

Coming of Age: Amir, is maturing and is confidence and courage is well built as well by the time he has graduated high school. An example would be is when Amir announces to his father he will pursue an major in English, and even though Baba is displeased Amir stands u for wheat he believes in.

Sin, Forgiveness, Redemption, and Salvation: Although Amir is maturing, he is not yet able to face his past, and at the end of chapter 14 when he decides to visit Rahim Kahn, he has realized tat this is his path to salvation and redemption. The End
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