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Navigating Our Journey Home

Nick Williamson

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Papakainga

...so we knew we had to get our heads together
Navigating Our Journey Home
Recent History
Council made no specific provision for papakainga
Council rules and processes impeded development of Maori land
Little if any knowledge of Maori Land Court function & process
New Thinking
A willingness to
It's all about the whanau and the whenua
Find the common goals
Our Vision
The Possibilities
A Way Forward
Maori Land Court
Local Authority
rather than
Coach the whanau
Kete of knowledge
Lead by example
Preserve the touch stones
The process is the means not the ends
Towards Papakainga
Hui with whanau
Step 1
Step 3
Liaise with MLC
Meet with Council
Step 2
Prepare PD Plan
Step 4
Council Approval
Step 5
MLC Approval
Step 6
Gather support
Establish Trust or Determine Authority
Seek information and discuss ideas
Whanau and expert input to develop concept
Papakainga Development Plan approved by Council
Court Order
Insert copy of minutes here
Insert copy of interim court directions here
Insert site information and meeting minutes here
Insert PD Plan and technical reports here
Insert copy of Council decision here
Insert copy of MLC determination here
Auditor General's Report
Maori Land Court was facing an increasing demand for land use advice
Land occupation and development applications were backlogging for want of critical Council information
Maori Land Court had little knowledge of Council function and process
The owners were being discouraged by a difficult and uncoordinated process from the onset
"What about a Maori land development technique that put the aspirations of the client at the center.....for a change?"
inter-generational knowledge of land history and physical characteristics
unrestrictive plan provisions
considering "actual" land capacity
development based on owner needs
case-by-case approach and assistance
decision making power placed with those who it affects the most
matching owners decisions with facilities within T.T.W.M. Act, 1993
co-ordinating MLC process with local authoritiy process
providing resource to achieve further resource
...this would mean going back to the drawing board
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