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No description

Sul jae

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of introduction

Come on in ladies and gentlemen… Though I consider myself quite too difficult to be described in such few wordings,, I would like to introduce myself. My name is “JaeKung Sul”, a participant for your internship. Honestly, I’m very excited right now to be involved in such opportunity. I am willing to give in my very best for this presentation, and I hope I could prove how passionate I am for Prezi Now, if you take a quick look through
my resume, a simple question may pop up. “Hey, this guy majored Fine Chemistry what is he doing here?” Yes, I am Chemistry major and I have nothing to do with majors like business administration where they teach you how to make stunning presentations. I just want to mention that since young I was very interested in Designs and Visual arts. But for the record, I have learned various graphical tools as I was
try to visualize my emotions via the screen.
These days, I am learning how to play the
Ukulele. music and art (design) always
inspired me. It was my hobby, and my passion.
Naturally, I spent some time trying to satisfy
my taste. I ended up in an art academy for a year, learned how to play the trumpet, and worked in a jazz bar as a bar tender. Ontop of that, Then one day after I got dismissed from my military duty, I was studying in class, and I finally met PREZI! I remember when I first saw PREZI. It was amazing
and inspiring just like art. With all the zooms and animations,
it was the most dynamic presentation tool EVER! Ever since then, I used PREZI whenever I had a chance to make a speech. As I was into design, I utilized many special features from PREZI and elevated my presentation skills. Now I want to show
some of my PREZI works. PREZI After my first failure, I tried out PREZI throughout other
presentation cases. My focus was
toharmonize the “dynamic PREZI”
with my “storytelling speech”. After all, the whole idea was to make an
impressive presentation not a cool PREZI
show. I made some effort and this is my
second result. PREZI is an amazing presentation tool. It has great design functions but even without it, PREZI can create effective messages with simple
slide features and a good storytelling. But how is
it doing in the Korean market these days? When we take a look at this
Google trend analysis we can see that PREZI gains high popularity during May – August and
September – November. A plausible explanation would be that it is because PREZI is used most by students during their
school season. Currently, PREZE has pasted its fourth school semester after its release
during late 2010. Now, many people are waiting for PREZI’s next step. According to Ranky.com,
which is a Korean web traffic
tracking site, PREZI is the
most popular page among
presentation websites. At this point, I want to sell myself
a passionate PREZI ambassador that can
fuel PREZI’s future. I want to prove to Korea that PREZI is an amazing presentation tool and promote PREZI to reach its potential. I want to share my experience. Realizing my emotions effectively and penetrating my idea. PREZI has great potential and I want to join its journey
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