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The Five Themes of Geography

for CRMS, Wed Sept 22, 2010.

Charles Kuski

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of The Five Themes of Geography

Movement Place Human-Environment
Interaction Location The 5 Themes of Geography how goods, people and ideas get from one place to another cultural diffusion chinese food where are your ancestors from? Regions a place that has a unifying characteristic Regionalization how people effect their environment &

how their environment affects them how do you interact with your environment? latitude longitude Equator Prime
Meridian description of physical and human features what are some examples of physical features? what are some examples of human features? Exit Ticket Describe Chestnut Ridge in terms of the 5 Themes. Location
Human-Environment Interaction
Region absolute location relative location Where are Where are things located?
Why are they there? How has this place been effected by the movement of people, goods, & ideas? How is this place similar to others & how is it different? How have people changed this place? Where is this place? What is this place like? specifically where something is where something is in relation to something else
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