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Freedom Writer's

No description

Emmanuel Gyasi

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Freedom Writer's

Freedom Writer's
(Andre Bryant)

Freshman Year
(First Semester)

On the first day at Wilson High, Andre seemed very unpleased to be at school.He leaned back in his desk and didn`t care about anything except for himself.He insisted on insulting others.In fact, he got in a fight with a classmate called Jamal because Andre called him dumb.He also liked to prove others wrong. For example, Andre proved Ms.Gruwell wrong when she thought her students did not know Tupac. Only until Ms.Gruwell passed out journals for the students to write in, he started to put in his effort towards school.
Second Semester
In the second semester the class went to a Holocaust museum.At this point in the movie, Andre realized how important learning is versus fighting to stay out of jail for selling drugs.Thus, he thought the museum was very interesting as he noticed other people's lives where worse than his; considering he sold drugs,his mother ignored him, and his brother was in jail for life.As a result, he began to be grateful of Ms.Gruwell for bringing the class to the museum and organizing a diner with some Holocaust survivors.
In Andre's Sophmore year, his personality changed for the better.He began to interact with his classmates, and was respectful to Ms. Gruwell and others.He also liked to participate in class assignments such as reading the diary of Anne Frank, and raising money for Miep Gies to come to Wilson High. But, when he went to his brothers trial and found out his sentence was declared, Andre went back to his old ways by selling drugs and skipping school.Of coarse Ms.Gruwell did not like that.
End of Sophmore
Overall, Andre has made an big journey throughout the two years with Ms.Gruwell at Wilson High. He started out as a student who didn't care about his education to a very passionate student trying to make it through high school. Although with bumps along the way, Andre has made a long journey to success in life.

Sophmore Year
Thanks for watching
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