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The Fall of Rome

Social, political, economic, military issues that caused the decline of the Roman Empire

Marisa Houk

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Fall of Rome

people bought fewer goods
businesses closed
unemployment increases
businesses closed Politics Fall of Rome Issues concerning
Social Issues
Weak economy
Invasions Health Issues Military/Invasions *Germanic tribes are being invaded

*Visogoths: go to the Romans for protection

*Romans begin to take advantage of Visogoths: make them pay more for food,enslave them

So they rebel against Romans Social Issues Weak leaders
corrupt political leaders
people lost faith in the government people stopped paying taxes
school attendance dropped
constant civil war
slavery- wealthy enslaved other Roman citizens World Cultures The Fall of Rome How does the weakened government connect to social problems? Old Roman ideals of courage, duty and honesty are abandoned.

What is one example of how the Roman sense of duty was abandoned? Inflation -rapidly increasing prices
-drop in the value of money

What caused inflation in Rome? Effects of Inflation Government can't afford to defend territories
Print more money
money lost value How does a decrease in the value of money affect peoples confidence in Roman coins?

What is "bartering"? food source
unsanitary conditions Plague widespread disease
killed 10% of the population Diocletian reformer
divided empire into 4 parts (4 sub-leaders)
set prices and wages

Why were Diocletian's reforms unsuccessful? Constantine Father/son trades
moved the capital to Constantinople
first Christian emperor of Rome
Adopted Christianity as official religion
Christians could no longer be prosecuted

How is this like freedom of religion?

How is this similiar
to the United States? Theodosius splits empire into two parts
Western Roman Empire- capital in Rome
Eastern Roman Empire- capital in Constantinople Which of the issues do you think was most devastating to the Roman Empire? Lasting Legacies Rome is defeated Visogoths devastate Rome
burn down buildings
loot treasury
overthrow the emperor

Vandals- next Germanic tribe to sack Rome
steal and destroy anything of value
burned records and buildings

Rome never has an emperor again
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