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mathieu belanger

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The short story “The Inheritor” by Frank Roberts is located in Australia and a there is a flood going on. The flood leaves a tiny island and stuck on it is a man, a dingo and a ewe. The man and the ewe are very much worried about the flood but the simple minded dingo has his attention fixed on the sheep’s throat. Seeing that the dingo was ready to attack the sheep. The man foolishly protects the sheep, risking his life for it. Thankfully the man defeats the dingo and saves the sheep from it and most importantly saves it from the flood by taking it in his arms and climbing up the tree that was in the middle of the island. The next morning an army helicopter spots the man but he refuses to be taken unless rescued with the sheep along with him. Sadly the pilot says it is too risky to have the animal on board so he tells them to hang tight. The protagonist in this story is the man and the antagonist is the dingo. The man is a very brave and smart person; he has great morals of and really knows how to respond and react to the problems the antagonists throws at him. The dingo is very selfish and intolerant, he cares only about himself and his survival and doesn’t care that there is a flood threatening all three characters but only keeps his mind on one thing and that is to kill whoever stands in the way of his own survival. CHARACTERS SYMBOL One of a very interesting symbol in this short story is when the narrator mentions that the man much like the other two animals has a nature, his nature was not to flee from the danger by climbing up the tree but “to come down from trees and be master of the ground”. This is exactly what he does; standing his ground and attacks and defeats the dingo, becoming the master of the island. THEME The theme of this story is “when you make a decision in your life stick with it and hold on to it no matter the obstacles”. This theme can be seen through the dedications and determination to saving the ewe, he saved it from the dingo, he then ties it up and takes it up the tree with him to be safe from the flood, and lastly he stayed with him and didn’t want to leave the sheep alone when the helicopter arrived. by Frank Roberts The
Inheritor SUMMARY
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