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Canadian Geese

No description

shane daly

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Canadian Geese

Kind Canadian Glad Geese (Scientific name: Branta Canadensis) 4 abiotic factors for canadian geese What type of habitat do canadian geese live in? Symbolic relationships for canadian geese Canadian Geese are found in
North american and Canada.
They are grayish brown and are mostly found near lakes. Canadian geese graze while walking on land and swim in lakes. They feed on aquatic vegetation in the lake around them. Mutualism: Humans like to watch geese and they like the bread the humans give them They can use water to move around and drink. If the
geese live around a city it could be the air it breaths.
The feathers it has can effect it, if the goose is in cold weather the feathers can keep it warm. Where can geese be found, and what do they look like 4 biotic for canadian geese Biotic factors: The arctic fox is its predator, it eats fish and aquatic plants, they live around humans, they use their long neck to reach their food A food chain is a certain amount of living things depending on each other for survival.
A food chain is a system of organisms dependent on each other on an interlocking web Food Chain/Web Mutualism Both organisms benefit Commensalism one organism benefits while one is not effected Parasitism one organism benefits while the other organism is harmed Parasitism: The geese live their life but if geese get mad, the humans can get harmed by the geese Commensalism: The humans get pleasure watching the geese and the geese don't get effected Predatation: Humans hunt geese and geese die Predatation - when an organism attacks another organism and that organism eats the other> (A shark eating fish) Competition - when two or more organisms compete for the same food, that is limited. (when forest animals all eat the same kind of vegetation) Humans effect geese habitats Humans walk around geese and can scare them away from their home
Humans through bread at geese
Humans through rocks at geese and can hurt them Canadian geese food web Canadian geese Food Chain Algae Fish Canadian geese Arctic fox Canadian geese food web
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