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Megan B.-The Wendat

No description

Megan Bethell

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Megan B.-The Wendat

The Wendat
By:Megan Bethell Physical Needs Sesonal Cycles:
Spring-the Wendat start to prepare the earth to grow crops
Summer-the woman, elders and children move to small bark shelters in fields, while men leave to go hunt, fish and trade
Main transportation-canoes
Autumn-deer are hunted in communal hunts. Deer are hunted with bows and arrows. The Wendat use deer for there hides and fat. they also hunted waterfowl.
Winter-tools are made and repaired. Also time for fun and games for children Daily Life:
Plenty of food for everyone
The Wendat are farmers
When fishing and hunting season, temporary shelters are built near good hunting areas
Semi-permanent homes (Since there is lots of food)
Lived in long houses and there community is enclosed with a gate
Deer was main material for clothing
Main food resource-corn Comparison In the Wendat , they have plenty of food
and don't have to work all the time to survive.
In the modern day, in our community, we have tons of food and we also don't have to work to survive. The Wendat's houses are semi-permanent and our houses are as well! A Wendat temporary shelter Psychological Needs Spiritual Beliefs:
spiritual beliefs centre nature
spiritual activities were involved in daily life
spiritual food preparation involved calling animals to be hunted and then thanking them for their contributions to their tribe's life Creator:
Relationship with creator-involved being thankful for gifts
Sacred gift from creator-corn
4 creation stories/storytelling stories-The Dream, Storytelling Time, Time to Harvest and Moving Day
http://www.ontarioarchitecture.com/Firstnations.htm Bibliography Daily life:
Wendat rich in symbols, many sacred, which are used when decorating objects
In Wendat, dreams are very important-advice is given about a person's health (mental, physical & spiratual) based on dreams
Dreams also disscussed with each other http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=that-burger-youre-eating-is-mostly-corn Connection The Wendat believe in a creator and spiratual ceromonies/gifts.
My religion has me believe in god and gifts from him, etc.
The Wendat tribe and myself and my family are similar because we both believe in a creator, gifts from he/she, and are both very religous. Group Needs Daily Life continued:
Toys made of corn husks, wood or hide
People are treated with love
Children are allowed to experiment and experience life
Sports played-racing, archery, snowskate and lacrosse The Wendat during their downtime http://thewendathuronproject.scriptmania.com/custom4.html http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/settlement/kids/021013-2111.13-e.html http://www.cqsb.qc.ca/svs/434/fnhur.htm A Wendat Symbol Daily Life:
Among the Wendat, decisons were made by a consensus (group decison).
Issues were disscussed greatly to make sure the whole group was onboard
The Wendat is organized into 8 clans, named after animals-Wolf, Deer, Bear, Beaver, Turtle, Hawk, Porqupine and Snake
Clans spent time together and lived with them Council meetings and Jobs:
Council meetings held when problems occur
Woman do not participate
Decisions of your clan were made by a majourity of your clan cheifs
Each clan has 3 cheifs-A Civil cheif (takes care of everyday life problems), a Hunting cheif (takes care of hunting issues) and a War cheif (takes care of war problems)
Another job of the Wendat is a healer, who has similar duties as a doctor would. A Wendat Council meeting Map of the Wendat and their neighbors Comparison http://www.innisfil.library.on.ca/natives/natives/chp2.htm In the Wendat, they use government and democracy and are split into clans.
In our community, we have government and democracy as well and are also split into wards, which is very similar to clans. Environmental Needs The environment, land, vegetation, and climate, effected the area of where the Wendat lived and how they lived
Extremely well adapted to surroundings and climate change
The Wendat respected all living things and thought interconectedness with nature was very important
Clothing materials all came from nature
Their canoes were made from environmental materials and so were their houses
Their were plenty resources availible to them in the environment A Wendat Village http://blog.ekimondo.com/?p=146 A Wendat tribe member in clothing made from environmental materials Contrast In the Wendat, they are extremely considerate about the environment, while in the modern day, we take advantage of our environment, which is seriously damaging the planet. We could learn a lot from the Wendat! http://lyndon001.blogspot.com/2008/01/first-nations-of-canada-huron-wendat.html First Nations Textbook
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