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Aaron Hirsch

on 15 January 2014

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Heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson opened the club under the name " Club Deluxe" in 1920, but Owen (the killer) Madden took over the club in 1923 and changed the name to "Cotton Club"
How did Jazz music influence popular culture in the 1920s?
Through the 1920s, jazz music evolved into a main part of American popular culture. Jazz music had an important effect on the world. Jazz music influenced fashion in the 1920s. The Women's Liberation Movement was introduced by jazz, as it provided means of rebellion against society. The status of African Americans was raised, due to the popularity of this type of music. For the first time in American history, what was previously considered "bottom culture" rose to the top and became highly desired in society.
Cotton Club
New York City night club (In Harlem)
During America's Prohibition Era
Whites-Only Establishment
Featured many of the best black entertainers and jazz musicians of the era
The Cotton Club featured most of the famous jazz musicians, singers, and dancers of the period including..
Nicholas brothers
Lena Horne
Fletcher Henderson
Duke Ellington
Adelaide Hall
Count Basie
Bessie Smith
Cab Calloway
The Nicholas Brothers
Lottie Gee
Ella Fitzgerald
Fats Waller
Louis Armstrong
Nat King Cole
Billie Holiday
Ethel Waters
Duke Ellington
Ethel Waters
Cab Calloway
The end of the Cotton Club
Race riots took place in Harlem in 1935
Was considered unsafe for whites and the club was forced to close temporarily (1936).
It was eventually reopened in a different location in 1938 but then closed for good in 1940
Today there is a new Cotton Club in New york but not entirely as popular
The famous club was an inspiration for the film "The Cotton Club" (1984)
Famous quote of the Cotton Club "light bright and damn near white"
They had a popular weekly radio broadcast increased their exposure.
The Cotton Club was known as the "Playground of the rich".
There were other Jazz clubs in New york such as the savoy ballroom but weren't as popular"
Alcohol was provided illegally despite prohibition.
Movie Trailer
By Aaron Hirsch
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