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Dork diaries tales from not so happy heartbreaker

No description

alyssa powell

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Dork diaries tales from not so happy heartbreaker

Beginning exposition: Her crush Brandon and he texts her and asks if she can go to crazy burger and she didn't know if it was a date or anything yet it was 7 hours later and he still has not text her back.
Rising action: Brianna gives her a hair due and accidentally cut off a huge chunk of her hair out and got her phone and they where fighting over it and sent it to everyone in her contacts.

What they say think and feel... He told Nikki that he was not the one texting her these thing he would never say that stuff.
What they do or don't do...Texts her and says he has the flu. He cancels his crazy burger date.
What others say about them...Nikki says that is my crush. he is so funny.
Physical appearance: Brandon flipped his bangs out of his face.
Falling action: Then all of a sudden she gets a text from Brandon that says he can't go to the party because he caught the flu and cant go and Chloe and Zoe come and try to persuaded her to go and she finally got her to come.
End resolution: Brandon goes in the girls bathroom and he tells her whats going on and then she sees all the posters of her and her cut off braid and she started to leave and then they called her name for the princess and she and brandon got to dance together at the ball .
Dork diaries
The theme of this book is happy when Brandon texts her and asks to go to the place called crazy burger and she waits and waits for him to text then the theme goes to sad when she never gets a text back from Brandon and she says maybe he got captured by aliens then the theme goes to worried....
Nikki J. Maxwell
What they say think or feel... She got mad at Brandon, she had blamed all of this on him for everything that happened to her.
What they do or don't do... Someone hanged posters up of Nikki that had her braid off. She helps Brandon with dogs.
What others say about them... She wa wearing a floaty. She wore a scuba diving outfit to swimming lessons.

Brianna Maxwell
What they say think or feel... She asked again if she would like to play dress up, she showed her to the bathroom to give her the present from there grandma.
What they do or don't do... She cuts Nikki's hair by accident. She gives her a dress from her grandma.
What others say about them... She was a brat for cutting her hair off.
Physical appearance... She has light brown hair.
Tales from not so happy heart breaker
Time: present, place: school,home
mood: happy, sad, exited

Climax: Mackenzie and Nikki were partnered up for swim class she had to pretend to drown (but she didn't have to pretend ) but Mackenzie kept asking questions like "Are we at the beach?" and Nikki about drowned and she got rescued and she had to put on a floaty.
Man vs. man: when Brandon and her are fighting in the girls bathroom about whose been acting strange lately, why he said he wasn't going to the dance, he had to text his not phone to see who the culprit was behind all this.
Man vs. society: when she goes to the school and she wanted to be voted princess, she went to school, seen the hideous picture of her self, felt really embarrassed.
Man vs. self: when she figures out that Brandon not going to the sweet heart dance she started to ball her eyes out, she was so sad that he had the flu.

Physical appearance: I look like a physiotic, homeless, clown,and a electrical socket. I look like I got hit by a bus.
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