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My History Assesment Project. A story of migration

Hae-In Kim

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Migration

My Dad;
Sukhyoun Kim

South Korea...
My dad migrated to Australia from South Korea. he first came to Australia in 1997, but he migrated and became a resident in 2004, He was 34 Years old.
After He Came...
After Dad came he studied Geology at Adelaide Uni. He also taught me and some other people Korean at Wislearn Academy, an academy that he set up for people to come and study after school. Mum also taught english to ESL students.
Now dad works at Charlies Place, a cafe in the Adelaide Central Markets that he bought a few years ago. Dad made his english name Charlie becuase of the Cafe. We usually go to Korea about every 2 years, to meet our family.
Dads Life in South Korea was good and he was happy but he migrated for love and marriage.
They now have four children; Me, Hae-Yun,
Hae-Gyu and Hae-Li
Dad came by Aeroplane. He came by himself. When he first came, he felt scared. He felt this way because of the different cultures and the language barrier. When he first came he could only speak a little English.
The End.
By Hae-In Kim
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