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General Mills

Corporate Presentations

Lakin Robertson

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of General Mills

General Mills Created By:
Lakin Robertson The Begining... General Mills began with just two flour mills. From Here they have became the face of many commercials and ads. Their Mission... Developments... Our mission is to nourish every one by making their lives healthier, easier and richer • healthier by delivering important nutrients and increasing people’s intake of whole grains, by providing foods that contribute to a heart-healthy diet, and by helping people manage their weight.

• easier with convenient meals and packaging, and foods that provide nourishment on the run.

• richer with foods that add fun or help to create a special moment with family and friends. Alvin:
Deep sea submarine made by genral mills.
Alvin made 11 dives down to explore the Titanic. This was lead by oceanographer Robert Ballard in 1986. Play- Doh Easy Bake Ovens:
Monolpoly: Nerf Balls: HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control
Points process.
-Food Safety standards used by the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Ryan flight recorder
The beginning faces of General Mills.... Fun Facts:
After Wheaties The breakfast champions began sponsoring baseball radio broadcast in 1933.
Reagan was voted as the most popular wheaties baseball announcer in 1937 then later elected as president. Future Goals:
Packing- Genral Mills plans to reduce and recycle packing.
International Growth
new environmental sustainability
Washburn formed the Minneapolis Milling Company in 1856 and 10 years later he built his first flour mill near the falls of St. Anthony on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. In 1874 he built his second mill. GIS New faces Thanks for watching:) Questions:) Who founded General Mills? What was General Mills most unique development? What is one of General Mills product? What year did Washburn open the first mill? What is General Mills Ticker symbol?
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