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SKF Gamification

No description

Ola Janson

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of SKF Gamification

Complexity - life and gamification
The old systems for change:
don't work
are unhealthy
ME, Me, me
What is Gamification?
Complicated and Complex systems
Game systems are complex systems
Why game systems are awesome
När du vill skapa en levande kultur kring din produkt eller tjänst
När ett specifikt utfall inte är det viktigaste utan att skapa meningsfulla användarmönster
Gamifaction handlar om att få människor att trivas...

Skapa system som arbetar med motivationen.
this is a pretty poor toolbox

Project Management
Change Management
Corporate Communication
Game design
Adding aspects of games to existing systems and frameworks in order to create long-term motivation
provide meaningful choices
bombard us with meaningful feedback about progress and goals
provide understandable (simple) frameworks
What's the difference between a game and a gamified system?
Gamification makes you do things that you wanted to do from the beginning...
and my point is?
this might be an option...
Finally, I would like to raise a note of caution
there are no silverbullets left in the revolver
the main problem is not if your system is fun or not – it's if it is meaningful for the user

game systems always create activity

meaningful choice
it's all about motivation
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