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Youth Info centre Vukovar

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Transcript of Youth Info centre Vukovar

Youth Info Centre Vukovar
*2008 web page
*2009 YIC Open
* start with outdoor youth informing
* volunteer team (1 person)
* promotion of youth information
* accurate and on time information
* cross-sector advisory board
* first youth information fair
* 11 volunteers
* new look of web page
* Facebook page

* cross-sector AB seminar Pirovac
* youth council Vukovar
* new web page
* 54 volunteers
Different activities
* new PR material
* 31 volunteers
* outdoor youth fair "VuMi", web page (2000 unique visitors monthly),
* new methods of informing youth (mobile info point)
* around 20 activities for youth
* smallest but most visited PRONI web page (8000 UV - 182.254. year)
* local youth programme
* peace wall in Vukovaru

Info Point in City library of Vukovar

Advisory Board (29) - 6. VuMi

web page - number of unique visits: 6000

Volunteers - 74 : Long-term volunteers - 4
Youth Council of the city of Vukovar

Ministry of Social Policy and Youth

Research on health and health care
Croatia volunteer!
Trainings & Education
New PR material
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