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Technology in Early Childhood


maribel del valle

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Technology in Early Childhood

Issues Developmental Issues * Physical Play
* Outdoor Exploration of community and nature
* Music and Dance
* Learning specific social skills and moral values
* Fine motor activities. Health Issues Child advocacy groups are concerned with health issues such as obesity and irregular sleep patterns. It is recommend for parents to limit the use of internet for the ages of 2 to 5 to a maximum of 30 min per day.

* Behavioral issues
* Focus and attention problems
* Decreased academic performance
* Language development
* Loss of ingenuity, tenacity and
social adeptness. Academic Issues * Closely monitor children on the computer.
* Situate computers so that all screens are visible.
* Bookmark favorite sites for easy access.
* Install internet filtering software that provides
protection from inappropriate material. Class Management Techniques Introducing

* The site should support the instructional concept, themes and philosophy of the educational curriculum.
*The concepts and learning objectives presented should be intended for the age of users.
*Instructions should be simple and precise.
*Teachers may need to assist students guiding them to enrich their learning experience.
*Content on the site should be thorough and current. Tips for Teachers Presented By:
Maribel Del Valle &
Karol Paredes References Other Issues
* Socio Economic Status
* Teacher Understanding
of Technology

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http://youtu.be/Wzlu6tbEko http://www.ixl.com/ Fun Activity
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