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Globalization of Coca-Cola

Has it caused more progress or harm

Rob McDonald

on 3 June 2012

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Transcript of Globalization of Coca-Cola

In 1885 a pharmacist named John Pemberton invented Coca Cola in Atlanta. He would then go on to die in 1888, never seeing the success of his company. Asa Griggs Candler then rescued the business by becoming the sole owner of Coca-Cola in 1891. From then on Griggs went on an advertising campaign. By the time of Coke's fiftieth anniversary it had become a National icon around the world because of its great taste and affordable price fro all (Cantwell). Now A Brief Histoy of Coke
and Globalization from youtube Coca Cola has been serving up happiness to all.
Since being invented it has spread across the world
putting a smile on the faces of all as it goes. Thesis:
Despite the fact that Coca-Cola's health hazards are bringing problems among the world, it has ultimately brought more progress to the world with its positive global contributions to developing countries and it allows the local economies to flourish Coke feeding the world helping it grow Developed Country (USA) Problems Progress Progress Evidence
Coca-Cola offers thousands of jobs to Us Citizens. Coke has bottling plants across the country as well as offices in which many Americans are employed (Cantwell). Analysis
By offering many jobs to the US, Coca-Cola is helping the local economy of America. Coke is allowing many to spend money which allow the US economy to benefit as well. This shows that since Coca-Cola is able to benefit the US, its economy, and its citizens that Coke's globalization is more progressive Coke's Globalization on the US Evidence
Coca-Cola gives back to local communities and foundations. Coke also supports local economies through targeted initiatives that offer opportunity to the people and places that are in need around the US (Coca-Cola Foundation) Analysis

Coca-Cola's globalization benefits the Americans. Coke offers jobs and they give back to the local economy. Coke offers help to business's that need it in America and they offer opportunities that benefit the people, therefore displaying that the globalization of coke has been more progressive Evidence
As Coca-Cola globalized the company outsourced some of its jobs into foreign countries where work is cheaper than here in America (Cantwell) Analysis
From Coke's globalization the US has lost jobs. Eventhough Coke employs many in the US, those jobs that left could have helped sustain the US economy more. This illustrates that the outsource of jobs by Coke has made its globalization have problems Developing Countries Business and Economy Problems Progress Progress Some of Coke's Workers overseas work in bad conditions for very low wages (Stensland) The workers work in unsafe conditions. They are paid only a couple of cents and work all day. The can be unsafe and dangerous thus exemplifying that the globalization of Coke has its problems In Africa Coke offers access to education, job creation and humanitarian
assistance (Regional and Local Foundations) Coke is helping the people of Africa. They are getting the people work. They are aided the people and Coke is also helping the Africans education. This shows that globalization of Coke benefits the people, making more progressive Coca-Cola helps smalls businesses get off the ground. In Vietnam Coke has helped more than 4000 business establish (Regional and Local Foundations) This shows that since Coke is helping business grow and maintain that Coke's globalization is more progressive Progress Problems Problems Developed and Developing nations Problems Coke is trying to help to tackle the obseity epidemic (Front Page News) Coke is trying to help out the youth of America. Coke is putting time and money into the cause and it is beneficial to the youth of America. This shows that since Coca-Cola is trying to help stop obseity the people of America are benefitting and the globalization of Coke is progressive In Washington two years ago, a class action lawsuit was filled against Coca-Cola for its product of vitamin water. They portrayed the product to be a healthier option to soda although it turned out to be just as unhealthy was high amounts of sugar (Coke Sued). This shows how Coca-Cola's pitch a "healthier choice" maybe just as popular as the original product but just as unhealthy. Their original idea to prevent obesity and diabetes throughout the world has ultimately resulted in just as improbable of an outcome This political cartoon accurately depicts how negative the globalization of Coca-Cola is on our society. While it is certainly popular, unhealthy ingredients have a far more profound impact on our society ... for worse. It has plagued the globe so while it may be growing in popularity the epidemic is growing too. (Coca-Cola as a Childhood Obesity Villain) While Coca-Cola is "globally aclaimed and a favorite among all age groups", it also contains caramel food coloring called 4 Methylimidazole. This food coloring is known to play a major factor in the development of cancer and other ilnesses (Harmful Coloring Ingredient) This illustrates how a global phenomenon is also a global health hazard. Coca-Cola may be tasty, but its content is also deadly. The fact that it has caused this much danger to one's health makes it clear that Coca-Cola has caused mostly problems due to globalization Health Wrap Up Health Hazards in the Coca-Cola industry have caused more global problems in health than progress Conclusion
A video from youtube Conclusion
Although Coca-Cola's health hazards bring problems around the world, Coke has ultimately brought more progress to the globe on account of its global innititaves and stimulating the economies of the world, local and national. Throughout the world coke has brought people together. As shown in the video coke sponsers national events. Coke also helps with giving back as well. Throughout the world coke has started innititaves to help out the globe. Despite its health risks the company of Coca-Cola has helped the world become connected through events and in the future Coca-Cola will eventually connect the world commpletely with globalization
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