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Louis Selby

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Renaissance

The Renaissance The term renaissance means "rebirth" in
French. The renaissance started in the 14th
century in Florence Italy.
Renaissance Timeline (Europe) The Renaissance started
1300 Black death killed millions of people
from one third to one half of the people
living in europe - 1347-1350
Back then there wern't many docters
around and they didnt know the cure.
At first they thought God created the plague
to punish people for there sins, But then
people who wernt sinners started getting
infected. After a while people started to
question the churches and it wasnt till later
they found out that if they burned their dead
dieseses couldnt spread as much.
Leonardo da vinci stared
designing weapons/inventions -1482
This is an important event
because Leonardos inventions
have been improved over the
years and we wouldn't have many
things if he hadnt started us off.
Printing Press - 1455
The invention of the printing press
was one of the most important because
the printing press allowed the Renaissance
to spread by making new ideas available
to more people. Without this invention
we would have never came up with the
type writer and that would mean no computers.
Christopher Columbus makes his
first voyage to new world -1492
When Christopher Columbus went
to North America he named it Guanahani
but later on he renamed it San Salvador
they met locals and the natives where
captured and later on sold as slaves.
He also discovered that the world was round not flat.
Worlds first coffie house -1475
Coffie is one of the worlds most
favorite beverages. This event is
important because without coffie
some people wouldnt have enough
energy and if the coffie house didnt open
then there would probably be no coffie
or any other drinks that contain caffine. Leonardo da Vinci paints
"The Last Supper"- 1495
This painting is important because
Leonardo experimented with colors
to make an oil paint and also he
painted a picture showing what
people back then believed. Niccolò Machiavelli considered one
of the main founders of modern
political science - 1494-1527
Machiavelli grew up as a soilder
and in 1494, he entered Florentine
government service as a clerk and later
on as an ambassador. Machivelli wrote
a book called the prince. The book was a guide on how to be a powerful leader. People considerd him Evil, but he was just saying the truth. Merchants were people who would make money from trading different things with other people- 1350-1387
Merchants would use their money to develope their workers skills. So that the workers would get better and the merchants would get more money. Eventually they found out that they could trade with different countries. Trading brought new things to different places.
Leonardo da Vinci paints
The monalisa-1503
This painting is one of the most
famous paintings in the whole world.
Leonardo spent 4 years of his life
working on it and they say there is a
mystery behind this painting. Martin Luther 95 theses- 1517
Martin Luther was a man who
started to rebel against the churches.
So one day he started the 95 theses
and he nailed it on the churches door.
the 95 theses had 95 complaints aganst
the church. Martin Luther made people
question the church and people started
to realize that the church was taking
advantage of them. First toilet- 1596
The first flush toilet was made
by John Harrington in 1596.
This is an important event because if John Harrington hadn't thought of this idea we would probably have to go outside the use the bathroom. Wallpaper- 1496
Wall paper was one of the important inventions during the renaissance period. The first paper mill was built in England. With the availability of paper, lots of designs and patterns for wallpaper were developed. Stencils, hand painted designs and wood-block prints were used in the creation of wallpaper.
-Prum Deborah, Rats Bulls and Flying Machines, Canada
Core Chronicles,1992
-Sari Peggy, "Renaissance Timeline", Renaissance and Reformation Almanac, Volume: 2
-Google Images
-Wikipedia End of Renaissance - 1650 Renaissance Timeline (asia)
Trade in Thailand Ayutthaya Period- 1345
Ayutthaya was a trading port used by many countries.
So Items from Thailand would get around the world and
Thiland would get things from other countries. Gun powder-1250
Gun powder was a very important
invention because without it we wouldnt
have improved our technology. Also without
gun powder we would still use swords to fight wars.
The invention of the firework
was important because fireworks
can help improve the meaning of
celebration. The compass- 1371-1435
The compass was invented by a Chinese voyager Zheng He. This invention is very important because without it explorers wouldnt know where
they were going.
Spinning wheel- 1320
The spinning wheel was probably invented in India. This invention was important because you would use it to make cloth and with the cloth you would make clothes and other things that are made from fabric. The End
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