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Mary Ainsworth

No description

saajan bariana

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Mary Ainsworth

The Strange Situation Mary D. Ainsworth Was a psychologist

Her main area of focus was on maternal and infant attachments Area of Focus She was known for one famous experiment

The Strange Situation Experiments She found out that there were three main types of attachments between mothers and infants: secure attachments, anxious-resistant attachment, and anxious-aviodant attachment

In 1986, researchers Main and Solomon added a fourth attachment style known as disorganized-insecure attachment

She also found out that mothers and infants from different areas have different reactions Contributions to New Knowledge Affiliations Influences She was born in Glendale, Ohio

She attended the University of Toronto in the honors psychology program

She also spent several years teaching at the University of Toronto

She married Leonard Ainsworth in 1950 and moved to London

She became divorced in 1960, moved back to the United States, and worked at John Hopkins University

She passed away on March 21, 1999 at Charlottesville, Virginia at the age of 85 Biography Contributions to Psychology She worked at the Tavistock Clinic with psychologist John Bowlby

She also wrote a book called Child Care and the Growth of Love with John Bowlby and Margery Fry She became inspired her in her lifelong interest of psychology when she read William McDougall's book Character and the Conduct of Life at the age of fifteen She wrote three books about the behavior of infants and their mothers

She also stated that the early attachments between mothers and infants can predict behaviors later in life.
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