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Inference Performance Assessment

No description

Tara Bulman

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Inference Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment Presentation
Tara Bulman
March 10, 2014
University of Phoenix

Introduction - Setting Expectations
Good Morning Boys and Girls!
Today we are going to complete a fun and creative inference assessment. The assessment contains three sections. The first section provides a story & asks you to uncover text clues. The second section shows you a few interesting pictures & asks you to provide descriptions with explanations. Finally, the last section asks you to create the ending of a story in one - two paragraphs.
As always, I am here to answer general questions, but you are expected to complete the assignment to the best of your ability individually. Hopefully, we have extra time at the end of the period, and if you would like, you may share the story ending you created with the class.
I know you will all do well. GOOD LUCK!
Assessment - Part One
Assessment Part Two
Five pictures are presented for you to make conclusions about. In the space provided under each picture please complete your conclusions with explanations in 2 - 3 sentences each.
(Google Images 1)
(Google Image 2)
Assessment Part Three
(Google Image 3)
(Woman with Spider, n.d.)
(Google Image 4)
Here you will find the beginning of a story about Bill & Tim. Use your inference skills and creativity to develop an ending to the story in one - two paragraphs. Remember to support your ending with important points from the beginning of the story.
There once was a fuzzy angry cat named Bill. Bill did not like dogs. The neighboring house to Bill's family had a dog named Tim. Tim was a loud and playful puppy. Tim did not like cats. One day while Tim was outside being loud and crazy, as most puppies are, he ran straight into Bill! Neither animal was in the mood to make a new friend, but both animals knew it was polite to be kind to neighbors. "Hi," said Bill. "Hi," said Tim.
- The End
Assessment Rubric
The assessment is complete!

There is 5 - 7 minutes reserved at the end of the time period to collect assessments and to ask for volunteers that would like to read their end-of-story piece to the class.

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