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As Film Studies Week 1 Mise en Scene

No description

Dominic Hand

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of As Film Studies Week 1 Mise en Scene

Denotation & Connotation
To denote, basically
means to see what
you are looking at.
State everything you
see in this image
Whilst to connote;
we add our meaning's
to the material
Now looking back at the image what interpretations have you made?
derived from the French
to mean 'placing on stage'
We will be looking at;
Costume & Props
Staging & Movements
Settings offer the first
meanings to their audience.
We can decipher the time period,
locations. They also suggest the
emotions of the characters
Now watch this clip from
'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
How does this set create
meanings and understandings
to you?
Costume, Props & Make-up
Unlike the set the characters
can interact with these objects,
as well as wear them.
Not only do they add
to the time period the film
is set. They also create
meanings through the colours
and how they are used.
Clip from 'Heathers'.
Staging & Movement
There are ten body codes which can add texture to a film which are;
Direct Bodily Contact
Proximity of one character to another
Orientation (how they stand)
General Appearance
Head Movements
Facial Expression
Body Posture
Eye contact/movement
All of these help add
to the scene.
Now take a look at
these examples and
see what you can point out.
This allows the director
to show specific areas
of the scene to it's audience.
Clip 'Seven'
Individually watch this
clip from 'The Big
Lebowski'. Now each group
will have to analyse one area.
Independent Study Task:
Find a sequence (must last about 3Mins)
this will be the scene you pick for your first
piece of coursework. Now start by making detailed
notes on the scene. By next week you need to
analyse the Mise-en-Scene of this sequence.
Word count 500 Words. This will make 1/3 of
your micro essay draft.
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