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Thomas Jefferson

The Third President

Dan Zimmermann

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson

At the Inauguration:
"The Revolution of 1800"
The election of 1800 is referred to as a "Revolution". While not a bloody revolution, do you believe this is a good characterization for the political shift occurring then?

Further, how is this an example of "true democracy in action"?
Judiciary Act of 1801
Adams -- That Rascal!
Expanding Westward
Unexplored Territory
Lewis & Clark
The Third President
Thomas Jefferson
Do Now:
Election of 1800
Facts to Know:
12th Amendment:
Separate tickets
for Feds & DRs -- no more bipartisan President/VP combination.
Map Analysis
Election of
The first
peaceful transition of political power
in US history (Federalist --> DR)
Federal Capital moved to
Washington City (D.C.)
in 1800.
(w/ geography handout)
John Adams leaves the White House at night, skipping
Jefferson's inauguration.
"Hi, I'm the White House and I was built by slave labor!"
(betcha didn't know that)
A New Vision for America
"We are all Federalists -- we are all Democratic-Republicans."
The Ol ' Switcheroo
1. Jefferson appoints trusted members in cabinet.
James Madison
Secretary of State
"Father of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights"

- Originally a supporter of
strong central government
, switched to Democratic-Republican
after Hamilton created Federalist party
Albert Gallatin
Secretary of the Treasury
Strongly opposed Alexander Hamilton

- Chief spokesman of DR financial decisions (
cutting needless spending, territorial acquisition

Cut costs by reducing the military and navy

3. Eliminated internal taxes (lessened Nat. Bank)

4. Pardoned people imprisoned under Sedition Act, reimbursed all fines with interest.
Before leaving office, Adams knew of the impending transition of political power.
Executive & Legislative
DR majority
- Had to
rig the Judicial Branch
The Midnight Judges
the number of
district courts
-- better representation. At the last minute, passed the
Judiciary Act
, appointing 67 Federalist judges,
"Midnight Judges"
, to weaken DR-led state power.
Marbury v. Madison, 1803
Watch the video and answer the following questions about this famous Supreme Court Case:
1. Who is John Marshall and what job did he have to perform before Adams left office as President?

2. What is the purpose of the Writ of Mandamus?

3. In John Marshall's opinion on Jefferson's denial to appoint federal judges, what were the three questions he posed on the matter?

4. What is the importance of Judicial Review?
States were slowly being added to the Union
since there was SO much territory left unseen.

American interior was wild and rugged
, heavily forested and
full of hostile Native Americans and animals.
American folk-hero
- Established
first permanent settlement west of the Appalachians
-- Boonesborough.

Blazed the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap
(easy access from the East to Kentucky)
Daniel Boone,
Heading West?
Well, you'll need some provisions!
It'll be a long journey! Be sure to
pack the essentials, only. Take care of:
Access to food for the expedition's duration.

Wild, unknown flora and fauna.

Hostile native populations.
...anything else?
The Louisiana Purchase
The Greatest Real Estate Deal in History
Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Territory from
Napoleon Bonaparte
of France, for
$15 Million.

Doubled the size of the United States territory at the time.

Meriwether Lewis
William Clark
assigned to explore the new territory, find an all-water route to the Pacific, and establish positive relations with native groups throughout Louisiana.

Constitutionality of purchase was questioned,
since there was
no specific details
in the Constitution saying what terms a President must abide by when purchasing new land.
and the Corps of Discovery
Read the assigned passage regarding the Louisiana Purchase and answer the questions below:
1. For what purpose did Jefferson seek to obtain the Louisiana Purchase? What steps did he take to get it?

2. Why was the Louisiana Purchase such a controversial move?

3. How does the Louisiana Purchase demonstrate Jefferson's determined political nature?
Main goal was to find the fabled
all-water route to the Pacific Ocean (Northwest Passage)
, allowing quick access to the markets of Asia.

Could not continue on
Missouri River
, as it
ended at the Rocky Mountains
. Hiked through for fifty miles, took
Columbia River through Cascade Range

noted the land’s prospects for future agricultural use
, while also
studying plant and animal life
, noting
mineral deposits
, and recording the country's
Embargo Act of 1807
Embargo --
An embargo is the partial or complete prohibition of commerce and trade with a particular country.
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