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2011 September Board Meeting

TAGT's September Board Meeting

Casey Martinez

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of 2011 September Board Meeting

Internal Operations Staff Update Finances Physical Office Report Membership Report 2011 TAGT September Board Meeting Implemented:
Overview of member benefits
Collaborating with parent groups
Revised renewal notices
Providing a history of TAGT Governance Structure Goal Hot off the Press Member Numbers (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio 2011 Austin Conferences & Events Report Membership Goal Services Goal 2011Regional Conference 2011 Annual Professional Development Conference Wyndham Garden

September 9, 2011 Office Technology Report Casey's Office TAGT Staff Personnel Manual
Review of new manual with staff
Staff Performance Reviews
Employee job descriptions
Staff collaboration and team building New budget stucture effective in July
Review of Frost Bank
Annual audit has been completed! What are we providing in the way of data security? External hardware firewall Software firewall installed on every computer Highly secure password scheme How are our electronic records and data protected? 1- Information uploaded daily to mirrored device
2- Information sent to off-site center
3- Weekly portable disk swap Current situation with leasing hardware/software Options at end of lease ITeam service and support Progress on Organizational goals JJ Colburn, Executive Director

Quarterly Report Financial Capacity Goal Non-dues and Non-registration Revenue Restructure the organization to develop leadership, diversify membership and increase transparency. Increase and diversify membership by providing avenues for focused advocacy and increased services. Broaden services for teachers, parents and other individuals. Distribute financial risk through the creation of diverse revenue streams and a data-driven business development plan. TAGT website redesign

TAGT Pulse

Options for virtual meetings/communication

Electronic delivery of Tempo

Online training Keri's Office Front Entrance Lisa's Area Conference Room JJ's Office Part-time Grief Counselor...NOT 2011 Strategies: Distribution of information
Policies and Procedures documents
Committee chair training
Board orientation process 2011 Strategies: Parent division
Increase parent involvement
Additional parent programs
Student programming
Current membership data 2011 Stategies: Regional Professional Development Conference
TAGT website and communications
2011 Professional Development Conference
Emphasis on technology tools at annual 2011 Strategies: Conference within a Conference
New programs
Non-dues and non-registration revenue
Annual Conference hotel contracts Gifted Education: Beyond Borders
Coronado High School, El Paso ~ October 22, 2011 ~ 8:30-4:00 p.m.
Registration fee: $89
Featured Speaker, Dr. Julia Roberts Gifted 3.0
Austin Convention Center ~ Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2011
Featured Speakers: Dr. Bertie Kingore
Ian Byrd, Deborah Mersino, Joel McIntosh and Dr. Lynette Breedlove 2012 Parent Conferences/Events October 2011: El Paso Regional Conference
January 28, 2012: Lone Star University, Houston
Jan./Feb. 2012: Austin area, site T.B.D.
Jan/Feb. 2012: Dallas area, site T.B.D. (possible) 2012 Leadership Conference April 2-3, 2012 ~ Austin Marriott South 2012
Dallas Original Commitment 1798 rooms

New Commitment 1413 rooms

Reduction 21% (385 rooms) Original Commitment 1866 rooms

New Commitment 1355 rooms

Reduction 27% (511 rooms)

$5000 reduction in room rental fee Widely communicate the new organizational structure
Monitor and assist with the implementation of the new structure Progress: Create a Parent Division and increase parent memberships by 10%
Explore and/or implement at least two new avenues that serve current students and alumni as future members of TAGT Progress: Provide regional and central professional development
Expand use of current technology to serve members Progress: Explore and present practical avenues for diversifying and increasing revenue Progress:
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