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Heineken Sponsorship Proposal

No description

lauren eaton

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Heineken Sponsorship Proposal

Event Marketing Plan Vision Implementation Plan Thankyou! Coachella Music and Art's Festival welcomes Coachella in Summary.. "Coachella has grown to become one of North Americas most successful and much loved festivals with people traveling from all over the county to attend." Key Performance Indicators- •2012 saw record breaking attendance with approximately 80-85 000 people attending each of the 3 days

•2012 also saw the first annual consecutive shows held the following weekend with the exact same line-up for both sets of shows

•In 2010, Coachella made $21.7million in gross revenue and in 2011 this was again exceeded with gross revenue reaching $24.9million

•2012’s double weekend shows topped all records with figures grossing north of $50million A Match made in Heaven Heineken's Values
•Enjoyment- bring enjoyment to life

•Respect- for individuals, society and the planet

•Passion- for quality
Heineken's Strategy and Goals •Grow the Heineken

•Consumer-inspired, customer-orientated and brand-led

•Capture the opportunities in emerging markets

•Leverage the benefits of Heineken’s global scale

•Drive personal leadership
Opportunity of Involvement As Major Sponsor- $1.5million Sole provider of beer
Access to consumers from a range of demographics
Principal sponsor out of only a select few sponsors
Shape consumer attitudes
Benefits: •Heineken Logo on event paraphernalia (staff t-shirts, back of spectator seats, entrance booths and signage throughout the event)
•Merchandising and branding opportunities
•Being the sole provider of beer at the event
•Having naming rights of a certain area/stage eg. The Heineken Stage
•The opportunity to showcase products and/or services eg. Heineken cool rooms at the event stocked with cases of Heineken beer
•The opportunity to engage with target audience and receive immediate feedback
•Networking opportunities
•Shape consumer attitudes
•Heightened visibility
•Broadened access to consumer demographics
•The invitation for a select number of Heineken clients and staff to attend the event
•The potential for global growth and global marketing opportunities
•The opportunity for growth within customer management
•Overall growth of the Heineken brand
•The potential for an on-going mutually beneficial relationship and partnership with Coachella and Goldenvoice and the possibility for involvement in future events/projects/marketing opportunities
"The vision for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival is to provide attendees with a fun and enjoyable day experiencing the best of what the music and arts industry has to offer. Coachella aims at delivering a festival that is bigger and better each year and brings the unexpected and wow factor to each and every one of the shows in a safe and friendly environment."   Event Goals and Objectives •To sell out both 2013’s consecutive double weekend shows

•To increase profits by 20% based on 2012’s figures

•To maintain and add to sustainability projects for the festival and the surrounding community

•To maintain the same ticket pricing structure and value for money for attendees and at the same time providing a show that is bigger and better then the last

•Maximise all advertising, marketing and customer feedback opportunities
Key Event Strategies •Effectively promote the Coachella event through increased marketing initiatives in local community and national press as well as maximising online media activity

•Establish specific promotional plan detailing target markets, times, objectives, strategies and budget etc

•Enhance Coachella website and make adjustments/changes based on consumer feedback and market research

•Establish media partnerships
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