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Prezi Introduction

This is a basic introduction to Prezi.

Winnie Milner

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Prezi Introduction

Introduction to Prezi
A novice guide to a real cool tool
What is Prezi?
Prezi vs. PowerPoint
What does a Prezi meeting look like?
To create text...
Basic commands you should know...
What terminology do I need to know before I get started?
Basic concepts to understand prior to starting to create your own Prezi.
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool.

It takes you where PowerPoints cannot.
web/ cloud based vs. installed application
canvas style presentation vs. sequential slides
embed objects vs. just adding text and pictures
NEW--allows group collaboration vs. working alone
Template: a Prezi created tool that helps you organize your thoughts
Thumbnail: in .pptx they are called slides, but in Prezi they are thumbnails
Canvas: this is the backdrop of your Prezi
Zebra: this is the name used for the striped editing tool
Click one time to create a text box and get all of the text tools . It looks like this.
Left click on a blank area of the canvas to move the entire viewable area.
Hover your mouse over the far right side of the screen, but in the middle between the top and bottom and you will get a plus & minus sign, plus a home command.
Click on the + to zoom in and click on the - to zoom out and reveal more of your Prezi.
Click on the home to go back to the beginning screen capture of your Prezi.
A right click on your mouse will give you a shortcuts to start your presentation, turn on or off spellcheck, etc.
"This possible collaboration is called a
Prezi Meeting."
This is what a "zebra"
looks like.
Drag the lines to rotate the item.
Click the pencil to edit.
Click the trash to delete.
Drag the hand to move item's location.
Push the larger inner circle to finely control the item's size. (For less control use the plus and minus sign.)
Each template has preset fonts. You may always change the theme.
Using this tool bar is also how you will alter the font size, color, text formatting (like justified text), and add bullet points.
You can do the same thing with as your plus or minus sign simply by using the "scroll wheel" in the middle of the mouse.
General newbie tips I learned the hard way!
Let's compare...
In order to manipulate a text box, video, picture, or frame, you will need to be close enough to view the content.
You, the Prezi designer, can determine what, how and when things are shown on the canvas. Prezi is a cool way to surprise your audience.
You edit the path (by clicking "Edit Path"- far left screen) of your thumbnails and can easy add a thumbnail using the plus signs found only when in path editing mode.
Deselect the edit path button to continue your regular editing.
Use a template the first time you create a Prezi. If you choose the appropriate template that matches your purpose, your Prezi will be significantly easier to create. It will help you to organize your thoughts.
It is much harder for beginners to start from a blank canvas.
Have your content created prior to creating your Prezi and have the overall structure clear in your mind. (Example- You would not build a house without a blueprint.)
1. Organization
Make sure you include video and pictures to engage your audience.
Insert frames to ground your text. This also makes it easier to add thumbnails to the order of your Prezi.
Don't rotate text so much that you make your audience seasick. Plan sensible paths. Swooping and swaying will not help you to deliver your message. Have a good reason to use that feature.
Especially if you don't use a template, change your theme early if you're going to change it at all. It can really screw up your Prezi if you do it too late.
2. Making the best Prezi for your audience
For comments and questions, I can be reached by:
Tweet me @QuirkyBookGirl
Examples in action...
In education...
In business...
Presentation created by December 2012 by
Winnie Milner,
Warren County Career Center media specialist.

By the way, I don't mind you using and recycling this presentation, but I do ask that you give a shout out to the original creator and give your local media specialist or librarian a hug. Thanks!
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