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Marketing Blackberry Prezi

No description

George Gottlieb

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Blackberry Prezi

Blackberry Marketing Strategy The Customer Blackberry's original target market
was for business professionals
only. In 2012 this market is still targeted
with the Bold handset range. The second market that emerged is young
adults, who also want the "smart phone"
functions offered by the phone. Blackberry still run it's own
encrypted email service for
around £5 per month.

This is very attractive to business
professionals today. With competitive hand sets such as the Pearl with a slim comfortable feel Blackberry appeals to both Men and Women Blackberry broke into the teenage
market with huge success. BBM was hugely popular with teenagers!

It used Blackberry data rather than SMS credit making it a cheap, practical and fun way to communicate. Company: RIM (Research In Motion) Rim introduced the Blackberry solution in 1999 learning from the success of its electronic portable email pagers.
With smartphone competitors releasing tablets came introduction of The playbook.

It didn't have the same email capabilities. This year Blackberry did a, mock reality T.V series.

The concept: Teenagers going to festivals and using there Blackberrys RIM's Blackberry continues to innovate.

At Blackberry World BB10 Alpha has been launched with hardware to compete directly with market leaders. The Competition Other Smart Phone manufactures
have far superior hardware and lately Blackberry has been playing catch up. With the market so competitive other companies are beginning to merge with each other to help there products to survive. Google Motorola is encroaching on Blacberry's remaining market share. Sony is Licensing Official Product Brands
to attract consumers over flashy hardware
and relying on their own product brand.
Sony:90-420 Price Comparison Blackberry Brand Issues London Riot's:
"BBM played a key role" -Guardian.co.uk People <3 Apps May 2012 99,500 Blackberry Apps. May 2012 650,000 IOS Apps Stop marketing to only Blackberry users:

Teenagers already use it for BBM
People who don't like touchscreens are loyal
Businessmen already use it for Email Innovate
imitate A Solution: Blackberry has to regain the
market which dominated how
business was done. We have come up with a concept

Based on customer research
it includes what is important to the consumer. It's Strong, Speedy, Secure, It's Blackberry. It's your boardroom in the palm of your hand. Introducing Blackberry Alloy Licensing the Blackberry brand for free
to other manufacturers.

Launching the concept at Licensing Fair's around the world starting with Become the first smartphone to
break into the Smart Clothing Market Licensing it for free
gets big names like
Swatch involved
to make a
"Smart Watch" Get developers brands to
improve Blackberry's

Replace the Browser. Apples recent Maps failure allows Blackberry to market agressivly. Collaborate with BMW & Garmin to create
a better alternative to Apple Maps We did a Swat Analysis
to work out a strategy. Global Market Share

2009: 21%
2011: 9%
2012: 6.4% Results from Customer research:

From 50 applicants that responded whose income was over £25,000/year:
76% thought Security in a phone was crucial.
over 80% thought that internet browser speed was important.
62% thought that build quality was crucial. License Bose speakers into
the phone for presentations Thank You
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