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IN2015 Professional Development in IT: Semester 1 Workshop 1 Career Management

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on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of IN2015 Professional Development in IT: Semester 1 Workshop 1 Career Management

PDIT: Semester 1, Workshop 1 Career Management 1) How many trucks would be needed to transport one million items, if each truck could carry 100 boxes, each box contains 10 packs and each pack contained 100 items?

2) All but 13 seats were taken on a busy train service made up of 8 carriages each with 72 seats. If 40 people were standing how many passengers were on the service?

3) If two containers (A and B) hold a combined weight of 22kg and 15.4kg of this total is held by the larger container A; what percentage of the whole is held by container B? Numerical Reasoning
- answer the questions.... 1) Answer 10
100 items x 10 packs = 1,000 items in each box, 1,000 x 100 = 100,000 items in each truck so you need 10 trucks to carry one million items 100,000 x 10 = one million

2) Answer 603
Explanation you must calculate the number of seats in total minus the number of unoccupied seats and add the number of people standing. 8 x 72 = 576 seats – 13 unoccupied = 563, 563 + 40 people standing = 603

3) Answer 30%
First establish the capacity of container B and then calculate the percentage of the total. 22 – 15.4 = 6.6 (the capacity of B) now calculate 6.6 as a percentage of 22, 6.6/22 = 66/220 (hcf 11) 6/20 = 30/100 =30% Answers: Understanding of career management skills and how to develop them.
Understanding of the requirements of Task 2
How to deliver an 'Elevator Pitch'
How to plan for Task 2 Learning Outcomes: Module Recap What's yours? To plan and manage your career you need to;

Be self aware
Be opportunity aware
Be able to make decisions
Be capable of transitional learning i.e. using the information and skills you learn and applying them to a real-life situation

The DOTS Model – AG Watts (2006) Career Development Learning & Employability Career Management Skills Be self aware – Identify and demonstrate your own skills, interests and what motivates you in the context of career development by carrying out a self assessment.

Be aware of the opportunities available to you – research opportunities for professional and skills development, understand the labour market and relevant career opportunities

Be able to make decisions - make educated choices and establish SMART goals based on your self analysis and opportunity awareness.

Be capable of transferring your learning in to strategic action - Ensure actions take in to consideration what you have learnt efficient and effective job searching and applications. In action... You will work as a group to pitch for the contact of being Equity Advisory Ltd’s outsourced IT department.

The task consists of a Group Report & a Group Presentation.

Group Allocations are available from your PDP Tutor and on Moodle.

The roles include:

Role 1: Information Systems or Project Manager
Role 2: Software Developer or Programmer or Engineer
Role 3: Business or Systems Analyst
Role 4: Web Designer or Developer
Role 5: Technical or Application Support
Role 6: Network Support Officer or Manager

As a team you must allocate a role to each member and justify why, as a group, you should be awarded the contract. Task 2: Employment Proposal: Group Report & Presentation The group report will comprise of three sections:

Part 1: Role Research - Individual research of your allocated job role i.e. what the role involves – present this information in the table provided .

Part 2: Self Analysis - Individual analysis of your own skills, qualifications, experience etc. Relate this analysis to your investigation in Part 1 and justify why you could effectively fulfill your allocated role.

Part 3: The Pitch - Group section where you draw upon the group’s investigation and analysis to convince Equity Advisory Ltd that they should offer your group the contract. The Report As a group, you must also deliver ‘The Pitch’ by way of a presentation. The presentation should not be a verbatim copy of the written version of Part 3.

Deliver presentation during workshop 9. The total allotted time for your group is 8-10 mins maximum.

Present the pitch in a convincing and professional manner which outlines your group’s ability to deliver the contract.

Advisable that you use technology to deliver your presentation. Examples include PowerPoint, Prezi and SlideRocket.

Assessed on content and delivery. Marks will be deducted for exceeding the time allocation. Each member of the group must present. You will be given individual marks for the presentation. The Presentation * Communication and teamwork are essential,
swap email addresses etc and start planning your
first meeting.

* Set up a DropBox account to share files. Also use
the discussions forums on Moodle - allocated to each group.

* In addition to the job roles, allocate task roles– team leader, secretary, proof reader etc.

* The more tools you use, the better your marks will be, and the stronger your career management skills will be.

* Start working together on Task 2 immediately

Report Deadline: 30th November 2012
Presentation Delivery: 3rd December 2012 Marks will be given on the basis of your research, analysis, teamwork, individual contribution and ability to produce a professional report.

NOT on the basis of the team’s actual suitability for the contract.

You will receive marks for your individual contribution towards the Report (assessed by your team members) – get involved!

Your individual marks will be affected by those of your groups, ensure consistency.

Task 2 is worth 45% of the module!

See module handbook on Moodle for full details. Assessment Picture this:

You are attending a networking event where you have the opportunity to make connections that might result in a job opportunity later on. Or, you may be asked that familiar question at interview “Tell me something about yourself.”

What do you say?

An elevator pitch is a short statement which will tell a concise and clear story about you in a very short space of time.
It should be enough to interest and engage the listener, but short enough to avoid disinterest.
Having created the perfect elevator pitch, you should be able to adapt and tweak it for different situations. The Elevator Pitch Get in to your Task 2 groups

Develop your elevator pitch based on the following:

Who: describe who you are, what do you want them to remember?
What: describe what you do, how can you add value?
Why: describe why you are unique, what are your USPs?
Goals: describe your goals and include a time frame

Deliver your 30 second pitch to your group members

As a group, use the info you hear to allocate roles for Task 2.

http://www.alumni.hbs.edu/careers/pitch/ Activity Professional development planning - goals, skills and opportunities. What you want to achieve and how to get there.

Employability - matching skills set & interests with roles, recruitment process, how to secure a job.

Legal, ethical, professional, social issues - understanding the broader picture of the IT industry.

Portfolio Element - the opportunity to enhance your portfolio of skills. Swap contact details with your team members

Meet with your Task 2 team to plan your report and presentation

Allocate job roles e.g. Analyst, Developer etc

Allocate task roles e.g. Team Leader, Secretary etc What next? The Placement Scheme 9-15 months (traditionally 12 months)
Assigned a Work-based Learning Advisor (support, visits)
Gain Certificate of Graduate Professional Experience
Worth 30 credits - complete four assessments
Can replace the two lowest Part 3 modules – could potentially improve your degree classification!

***** Invaluable work experience *****
***** Significantly enhances your employability *****
***** Sets you apart from other graduates *****
***** Catapults you towards being an IT professional *****
***** Greater earning potential upon graduation ***** Professional Mentoring As a mentee you will benefit from:

A Professional Mentor who will support, advise and guide you towards personal and professional development.
Excellent opportunity to develop your confidence and employabilty skills
Gain insight to the graduate labour market and clarify your career plans
Receive one-to-one guidance on your CV and interviews from an IT professional
It is a stepping stone to becoming a highly employable graduate

Apply at: http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/for-students-and-recent-graduates/professional-mentoring Careers fair: Engineering, Science &
Technology Fair

An excellent opportunity for you to meet many IT recruiters and find out:
what opportunities are available
what employers expect from you
how you can make the most of your application to them

***A rare chance to meet with lots of companies***
***Make an impression on what could be your future employer!*** Wednesday 10th October, The Great Hall VIP FAST TRACK ENTRY is from 13:30 to 14:30.
Register for and attend one of the preparation sessions held prior to fairs, for VIP access to any campus fair during the first hour.

NORMAL ENTRY TIMES are from 14:30 to 16:30.

Sign up at: http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/events
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