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American Born Chinese: Timeline

No description

tara santos

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of American Born Chinese: Timeline

American Born Chinese: Timeline
Moment #5: Meeting Wei-Chen
• Plot and Literary Technique
o Meeting the monkey king’s son
o Wei-Chen – introduction of supporting character
• Shows how there were hints about the ending in the beginning of the story

Moment #4: Jin Wang being bullied
o Plot and Graphic Novel Technique
• Introduction of other hero
• Foreshadows his fatal flaw and what his future problems will be
• Chinese stereotype

Moment #2: Fighting Scene at the Dinner Party
• Plot
o The classic hero encounters a problem due to his fatal flaw
o His attempt to solve the problem is what propels the story forward
• Thinking of changing his people and himself

Moment #6: Chin-kee’s introduction
• Graphic technique
o Every aspect of the Chinese stereotype was able to fit in each panel as he was being introduced

Moment #3: Old Lady’s advice
• Literary technique and plot
o “Thesis statement of the entire story”
• Transformers- "A robot in disguise!”, “More than meets the eye" (other characters in the story)
• “It’s easy to become anything you wish.. so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul” (Danny)

Moment #1: Introduction of Monkey King
• Graphic novel technique
o Uses a comic version of a montage to showcase all of his skills
• You can tell that time passes in the gutter
o Emphasizes his power over the other monkeys
o Introduces him as a hero

Moment #7: The Monkey King’s New Skills
• Plot
o When his fatal flaw is most apparent
o Convincing others about his skills
o Emphasizes the change in his character

Moments #8: The Monkey King disrespects Tze-Yo-Tzuh
• Graphic Technique
o Used the imagery to show how the Monkey King had escaped the confines of the setting of the story
• The omniscient God figure was still present despite this

Moment #9: The Monkey King Hits Rock Bottom (literally)
• Plot
o Tze-Yo-Tzuh punishes him for his behavior
o When the hero falters

Moment #10 – Jin Wang develops feelings for Amelia
• Rising action, it starts to hint on what’s going to happen
• Jin Wang developing a crush
• At the same time being influenced by watching couples (Wei Chen and Suzy Nakamura)

Moment #11 – Jin Wang gets a perm
• Graphic Technique
• We see the drawings hinting at the plot, because Jin Wang is trying to be someone he’s not
• Copies the hair of that mean guy
• He’s not proud of who he is (he’s sort of ‘in disguise’)

Moment #12 – Chingkee embarrassing Danny
• Graphic Novel Technique
• Another montage sort of thing as we go through the day watching Chingkee embarrass Danny more and more
• The ‘Hahahahahaha’s" at the bottom of the panels make a point and clarify that Chingkee’s chinesey-ness is something to be ashamed of

Moment #13 – The Monkey King saves the monk
• Plot
• Monkey King goes through character development
• Swallows his pride and accepts his form as a monkey in order to do what’s right
• This is the climax in the Monkey King’s story (if don’t mix it with Jin Wang’s)
• All the rising action has led up to this moment where he makes ‘the big decision’

Moment #14 – Jin Wang gets disssed
• Literary Technique
• The author/artist/cartoonist uses another character to embody what we shouldn’t be like
• By making the curly haired blond guy into some sort of jerk, we also associate his racist opinions with him, so in a way it’s sort of telling us that one way to not be a jerk like him is by not believing in stereotypes like he does

Moment #15 – Jin Wang hits rock bottom
• Plot
• Jin Wang hit rock bottom…relative to his climax…

Moment #16 – Everyone revealing themselves (including the Monkey King telling his side of the story)
•Plot & Literary Technique
• This is the climax for all the characters in our eyes (plot part) because this is when the fog starts to clear and all the loose ends begin to tie up.

Moment #17 – Wei Chen forgives Jin Wang
• Graphic Novel Technique
• The metaphor of Wei Chen taking off his glasses
• he becomes more vulnerable and also more like himself, which shows what the whole story is trying to show: that we should drop the act, overcome our shame of who we are/who people think we are and be ourselves

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