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Poverty: The Story of A Generation

No description

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Poverty: The Story of A Generation

Lack Of Education
Some Developing Countries affected by poverty included:

The Gross National Income
11,905 US dollars
(“Developing Countries”)
Poverty In Developing Countries
In the last 50 years...
Ukraine's Fight Against Poverty
1991: Ukraine hopes for a "better life"
avoid civil war
escape economic collaspe
Hope to succeed from the Soviet Union

In 2009,
Ukraine’s GDP is 60% of 1989
Two years before collaspe of Soviet Union

By 2013, GDP is $7,400
Russia's GDP: $18,100


America: 1964
President Johnson declares war on poverty.
Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Presidents Nixon and Johnson begin
safety net programs
Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAPS) (food stamps)
Extension of Social Security

Brontae Williamson
Poverty: The Story of A Generation
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Poverty Controls A Continent
Mental and Physical Illness
Less access to food, safe water, health care, and school
Hunger, poor sanitation, lack of education
Depleted and unskilled workforce, unemployment
Low Family Income
The Poverty Cycle
Poverty is a harmful cycle in which one cannot afford
other necessities to survive in society
Life at the Poverty Life
Basic Housing
The Critical Influences of Poverty
Mental and Physical Illness
Increasing Violent Acts
By the age of three, poor children are estimated to be 9 months behind children from wealthier backgrounds
By the end of elementary school, these students who are obtaining free lunch are three terms behind their peers.
At the age of 14, this gap increases to over five terms
By age 16, these children have a grade point average that is 1.7 points below their peers’ average score
How Does Poverty Affect Children's Education?
Few work opportunities, disease, malnutrition, death
Richard Nixon
37th US President
Lyndon B. Johnson
36th US President
Employment rate in the United States drops

Physical Illness
Those in poverty more likely to:
exercise less
receive improper diagnoses
inappropriate and delayed medical attention
inappropriate medications
ear infections
hearing loss
greater exposure to lead
higher risk of asthma
lower nutrition

(“Poverty and Health”)
Mental Illness
Externalizing behaviors
acting out

Internalizing behaviors
social withdrawal

Alcohol or substance abuse influences mental illness

Teenage pregnancy increases by three times.

Untreated Illnesses?
Reduce productivity
Lower learning ability
Diminish quality of life
Increase future poverty

(“Poverty and Health”)
Violent Acts Arise
Gangs are influenced by violent, unorganized neighbors
acts against law
negative affect on community

1.5 billion people
live in countries affected by:
political violence
organized crime
exceptionally high murder rate
low intensity conflicts
(“The Economics of Violence”)

Twice as much reprimands as compliments

Absence of a father figure (single mother household)
Influencing Terrorism
Poverty fuels terrorism in poor countries with high unemployment.

Why would one join a terrorist group?

Factors that influence

“The biggest problem is not that poor people don’t get laws, it is that they don’t get law enforcement.”

80 million people in Europe live in poverty
Below the age of 15 - 20.2%
16 to 24 - 21.6%
24 to 49 - 14.8%
50 to 64 - 13.5%
65 and up - 15.9%

Are you of working age?

(“Poverty in Europe: The Current Situation”)
Illnesses are spread by:
lack of education
poor living conditions
inability to obtain medicine
tainted supplies
lack of sanitation
destroyed home lives
alcoholism and substance abuse
crippling incidents due to harsh working conditions

Lack Of Education
Poor education is passed on from parent to child

Decrease in drive of children
lazy parents
lack of hope or optimism
absence of inspirational teachers

Lack of proper education deprives children of knowledge and growth.


1.2 billion people
in the world live in extreme poverty.
Less than
a day
(“Poverty and Health”)

In America,

46 million

1 in every
6 Americans
live in poverty.
Children in Poverty
Children at the age of four:
Low Income - 13 million words
Middle Class - 26 million words
Upper Class - 46 million words

Not all children in poverty survive
untreated medical conditions

How Women Struggle
Domestic and Sexual Violence
influence the number of women in poverty

At childhood
men = women

(child bearing age)
higher amount of women in poverty

Lack skills to determine right from wrong
highschool dropout
teenage pregnancy
Cheating the System
Unemployment fraud is becoming a trend
easy way out of work

In 2010
Unemployment fraud: $16.5 billion
30% - not searching for jobs to obtain aid

Overuse of federal aid (Unemployment fraud)
those in need do not receive
aid unavailable
Cheating the System
1985 to 2010
fraud increases with the unemployment rate of 2007

Inadequate application processes
additional stress
Health Care
Other necessities
Costs per month
newly unemployed
senior citizens who cannot afford their medicine
minimum wage earners
disabled people
young adults
Who lives in Poverty?
Conflict Influences Poverty
Ukraine depends of Russia
gas and oil
single largest trade partner

Current War situation with Russia:
economy consumed by poverty

“Ukraine is now in pre-default condition and is sliding into the abyss"
-Oleksandr Turchynov
The poverty rate from 1959 to 2010 decreases, but it has slowly began to increasing since 2007; Dylan Matthews, The Washington Post, “Poverty in the 50 years since “the other America,” in five charts”; The Washington Post, 11 July 2012; Web.
Political Views

“The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty”
-Kofi Atta Annan
(“Poverty and Health”)
Pass on:
learned habits
Habits and conditions
influence their future
stays with them to adulthood
pass on to their children
Comparing Demographics
The Number Of Women In Poverty Outweighs Men as of 2008; Alexandra Cawthorne, Center for American Progress, “The Straight Facts on Women in Poverty”; Center for American Progress, 8 October 2008; Web.

Poverty is a ongoing cycle of:
lack of education
increasing violent acts
mental and physical illnesses

The World needs to know:
diminishes the growth of humanity
poverty takes over
(Informational Data)
Unemployment Fraud From 1985 to 2010; Avik Roy, Forbes, “How Americans Game the $200 Billion-a-Year ‘Disability-Industrial Complex’”; Forbes, 8 April 2013; Web.
Lack Of Education
The Relationship
Violent Acts
Inability for Growth
Unhappy Life
Poverty: It Affects Everyone
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Federal Aid
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