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Glogster EDU

Learn how "glogging" can be used in the classroom by students and teachers.

LeAnne Nichols

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Glogster EDU

Glogster edu Students in the 21st century express themselves through technology. Traditionally, schools have asked students to show their understanding through paper and pencil means. In order to tap into various modes of learning, educators often assign projects such as creating posters that display knowledge learned. Glogster EDU provides an outlet for students to share knowledge through various means: technology, music, speech, art, poetry, video, and more! Techno-savvy teachers encourage the use of projects produced through word processing, slide shows, paint, etc. www.edu.glogster.com How do I begin? Go to www.edu.glogster.com

Click on Register in the upper right corner follow directions to create a free account. Once you have completed registration you can edit your profile. To protect our students, only a first name and last initial is necessary. They do not have to enter your address, birthday, and email address. Students can upload a picture to replace the standard teddy bear avatar picture. They can also change their password, but if they forget it, you will not be able to reset it. When ready, click on "Create a New Glog." The glog is preset with a few basic frames and graphics. You can use those or delete what you don't like by just clicking on the item and hitting the delete key. Use this menu on the left side of your glog page to add elements to your glog. The possibilities are endless Choose from sample backgrounds by clicking on Wall. Just click Use it to make it yours. If you change your mind, just repeat the process. Not enough choices? You can upload your own graphics. Just click Upload. When your image appears on the images screen, click on it and then click on Use It. You can even take a snapshot of yourself if you have a webcam. While in Image, just click Grab, Take a Snapshot, then click Continue. Once your picture is on the Images screen you can select it and click Use It. Once you've experimented with adding different images, backgrounds, and even sounds and videos, click on Save and Publish. You can then choose if you are finished or unfinished and if you'd like to make your glog public or private. References

Glogster EDU Educator Resource Library http://edu.glogster.com
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