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OneDrive & OneNote: Useful for teachers and students

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Vilmarie Torres

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of OneDrive & OneNote: Useful for teachers and students

Digital Notebook
OneDrive: At your PC and the web
OneDrive & OneNote:
Useful for teachers and students

Student Use
How to use OneNote in Class: Teacher's Point of View
What to do to get started
1. You need an email account. You can create an email account in outlook.com.

2. Download the OneNote and OneDrive applications to your PC, table and/or smart phone.

3. Move folders to the OneDrive folder in the PC so it can sync to your other devices.
Benefits of using OneNote and OneDrive
1. Students can print notes.

2. Students can share their notes when working on a group project

3. Work on projects together online.

4. Access anywhere / any time.

5. Share with teacher - show research process

1. 15 GB of storage free.

2. Syncs with your OneDrive forlder in your PC.

3. Access in all devices with Internet access

4. Access to Word, Excel, OneNote, Power Point Web Apps.

5. Share documents and collaborate.
What is a data cloud?
Vilmarie Torres,
Information Specialist


Office Videos. OneNote in Education: Teachers using
OneNote in the classroom. YouTube.com
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