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How did you attract/adress your target audience?

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sarah gamble

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of How did you attract/adress your target audience?

Location Shots Clear shots of Norwich Attracts a local audience Local Actors As Norwich is quite a small city, the local actors, will attract a local audience, as it is likely that people will know the actors. Relation to characters Teenage girls may aspire to the girls looks or dress sense Eves innocence, and vulnerability, may help someone of a silimar nature to relate. Someone in a similar circumstance (running away/stalker) can relate to Eve Male lead Male lead Attracts a female audience - good looking actor Male audiences may aspire to be like him - suave and mysterious Dress sense - fashionable. Comparisons To Noir Character
Humphrey Boghart Mis-En-Scene contrast between noir and modern elements disorientates audience, keeps hold of viewer use of websites such as google make the audience feel more in touch with the film ECU make the audience feel more in touch with character without revealing identity
simularities with opening from se7en this can also be said with the gritty titles Camera Shots/Angles Tilted/Canted Shots Disorientate audience, hold attention Used in noir film 'The Third Man' Sound voiceover, introduces audience into film, adresses them and makes them feel more connected to the character sudden noise of train catches audience by suprise, keeps their attention Editing fast paced editing, jumping from noir to modern, keeps audiences attention use of comparisons (the contrast of male and female
characters feet) embellish binary opposites
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