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4 Sentence Types

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Scott Castro

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of 4 Sentence Types

The Four Sentence Types


In the English language, there are 4 main sentence types. These sentence types are identified by their punctuation and what a sentence is asking, showing, or telling.
The Four Types
1. Declarative
2. Interrogative
3. Imperative
4. Exclamatory
A declarative sentence makes a statement and will always end in a period.
Declarative Examples
1. I understood the message of the passage but did not get the answer correct.
An interrogative sentence asks a question. It can only end with a question mark.
What is the Declaration of Independence and what does it mean?
2. While I do not agree with his opposing view, he did make a valid point.
3. I have to write a personal narrative for homework tonight.
Indicates Common Core testing vocabulary
To remember, think of a real-life situation. What is a police "interrogation", and what happens when you are being interrogated?
Interrogative Examples
1. Did you just imply that I took the money from the desk?
2. Can you please read the passage, then answer the questions?
3. Did he explain the rules to the team before they started?
Indicates Common Core testing vocabulary
Imperative Examples
Exclamatory Examples
An imperative gives a command by telling you to do something. It only ends in a period or exclamation point.
How to remember? Imperative sounds like "parent". What do parents do? They tell you to do stuff.
An exclamatory sentence is a statement with strong emotion and always ends with an exclamation point.
Both exclamatory and imperatives can have exclamation points. The difference? One tells you to do something, the other functions as a statement similarly to a declarative, except it has an exclamation point instead of a period.
1. I can't believe I won the lottery!
2. He hit a two run home run to win the game!
3. I'm the king of the world!
Name the following sentence type and what end mark goes with it?
1. Get out of the way of that car
2. Did you see the documentary on the Battle of Gettysburg
3. Put away your books, and take out a piece of paper
1. John, give me a response to the question.
2. Be quiet, and get in your seats!
3. Make a historical comparison between the novel
, by George Orwell, and
A Brave New World
, by Aldous Huxley.
Indicates Common Core testing vocabulary
“declarative” means “a statement in the form of a declaration”.
Interrogative means
“used to ask question”.
imperative; period or exclamation point
interrogative; question mark
imperative; exclamation point
Name the following sentence type and what end mark goes with it?
4. You received and adequate grade on the exam last week
5. Please stop
imperative; period or exclamation point
declarative; period
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