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Copy of The Magellan Expedition

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Jacob Caguingin

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Magellan Expedition

The Magellan Expedition
San Lucar de Barrameda
They departed from Quadalquivir to San Lucar de Barrameda. Left port and sailed southward on September 20, 1519
Pernambuco, Brazil
November 1519, they reached Pernambuco, Brazil with hardships and hunger
Back to Spain
December 13, 1519, they entered the bay of Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro Bay
February 1520
Rio dela Plata
Port St. Julian
March 31, 1520, they stayed here for winter. Mutiny ensued but was suppressed.
Ladrones Islands
Magellan crossed the Pacific and reached Ladrones Islands(Marianas) in March 1521. They got water and food, but the natives stole one of their boats. He got angry hence the name "Islas de Ladrones" or Island of Thieves.
March 17, 1521. Coming of the first Spaniards in the Philippines
March 18, 1522. Sick men were treated.
March 29, 1521. Met, befriended, and made first blood compact between Filipinos and Spaniards with Raja Kulambu and his brother Si Agu.
First Mass celebrated in the Philippines.
Easter Sunday, March 31, 1521. A cross was erected. Named the islands "Archipelago of St. Lazarus" because he found the islands on St. Lazarus day.
April 8, 1521
First Baptism
Told slave Enrique to assure natives. Befriended and did blood compact with Raja Humabon. April 15, 1521 - Mass in Cebu. Cross was erected. 800 natives were converted. Raja Humabon - Carlos, his wife - Juana
Gave image of infant Jesus to Juana
Raja Sula and Raja Si Lapulapu were quarreing. Magellan interfered to show his might and sided with Sula. Lapulapu refused to recognize Spain. April 28, 1521, Magellan died in battle.
Spaniards retreated. Some went back to Cebu but were massacred because of the abuses to the natives.
Only Victoria and Trinidad remained among the 5 ships. Victoria sailed back by Africa. Trinidad sailed by Pacific and got captured by Portuguese ships. Only Victoria returned with Sebastian del Cano as commander.
Ferdinand Magellan
- Portuguese explorer and soldier
- battled in Malacca and Africa for Portugal, but his plans got rejected by the King
- gave his services to King Charles I of Spain instead
- was convinced by Don Juan de Aranda(father-in-law) and Ruy Falerio
- started his voyage with 5 ships: Trinidad, San Antonio, Santiago, Conception, Victoria
Importance of the Expedition
Strait of Magellan
- Magellan wasn't able to live to see the final completion of the "
first known voyage in history to circumnavigate the globe
- It was the greatest single voyage known to man in early modern times.
- It gave Europeans knowledge of the Philippines.
- It established the vastness of the Pacific.
- It proved that the East Indies could be reached by crossing the Pacific.
- It showed that the Americas was a separate land mass from Asia.
- The new route ended the Venetian monopoly in the Southern Route.
- Spain flourished.
- Contacts between Filipinos and Europeans was established
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