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Bauer Media

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harvey thornton

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Bauer Media

Bauer Media

Matthew Stanton CEO Bauer Media Group

Matthew Stanton was appointed CEO of Bauer Media Group in January 2012. Matthew Stanton joined Bauer Media Group in August 2008, in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer.

CEO + Bauer Media board of directors:
Management team:
Andrew Stedwell was appointed CFO of Bauer Media Group in January 2012.

Andrew has had broad magazine and online media experience having held senior roles across finance, publishing and marketing.

The CEO of Bauer media decides what the company publishes and why. They make all the important decisions for the magazines and radios and TV shows that they own.
Bauer Media Ownership:
This diagram shows the collective amount of areas that Bauer Media own. These include Print, Radio and TV and Mobile applications and online.
Closer magazine is just one of many mahgazine companies that Bauer Media owns. Here is all of their ownership in the UK:

AM Newspaper, Angling Times, ARROWWORDS, Bella, BIG VALUE, CODEBREAKERS, Bike, Bird Watching magazine ,Car, Car mechanics.

The printing division at Bauer Media are a big part of the company. They help decide how many magazines will be printed each week and can help decide on the layout and design of each weeks copy of the magazine.
Radio and TV
Bauer Media have expanded their name and made themselves known in the media market by progressing from printing into radio and TV. Giving their target audience more ways to view their content. Here is their ownership in the Radio and TV market in the UK:

Radio: 102.5 Clyde 1, 1152AM Clyde, 2 1548 Forth 2, 96.3 Radio, Aire 96.7, West FM 96.9, Viking FM, 97.3 Forth, 1 97.4 Cool FM, 97.4 Rock, FM CFM City, Talk 105.9, Downtown Radio, Hallam FM, Heat radio Kerrang! Radio Key 103 Kiss 100 – London Kiss 101 – South Wales & West Kiss 105-108 East Of England, Magic 105.4, Magic AM, Metro Radio, MFR, Northsounds 1, Northsound 2, Q Radio, Radio Brothers, Radio City 96.7, Smash Hits Radio, Tay AM, Tay FM, TFM Radio, The Hits Radio, Wave 105, Radio Station, West Sound, 1035AM West Sound, FM Dumfreis.

The UK's best-selling photography magazine, Digital Photo teaches you how to take better pictures with your digital camera and enhance your shots in common imaging software like Photoshop. It's written by photographers for photographers, so you know you're getting the very best in real-world tips and techniques. A popular seller of Bauer's in Empire, has created a brilliant two minute video showcasing the interactivity of the Digital Edition which will be hosted on empireonline.com.The first of four homepage takeovers on the site also appears today.

You can check out the full video for yourselves by clicking here:
Other (Mobile and online)
Bauer Media mobile solutions include:

display banners
expandable banners
advertorials (eg news stories, competitions)
mobile microsites (either standalone or replicas of the online microsite)
augmented reality ie find my nearest Starbucks
text to win call to action
bespoke iPhone/android app build
campaign tracking
TV: 4 Music, Heat, KERRANG, Smash hots, Kiss, Box, Magic
Bauer Media ownership of mobile and online:

-Tekekamery Tele Tyodnia


-Smartshe Online




Volksstimme onli
These sections of Bauer Media link togther because they are an improtant part to help generate Bauer profit for the products they create to sell to their audiences in all kinds of forms. This is because some of their audience may not be able to access magazines and may have to use an online service or radio, or perhaps just prefer the option other than reading the content from a page. The sections link as well as they make Bauer what is is today. If Bauer decided to stop producing ways for peope to view thier content, they wouldn't be where they are today. They continued to give their customers what they want and thats professional and efficent information about women's weekly lifestyle through the use of print, radio, tv and mobile apps and their website.
This department under the Print section help make choice on weather the content inside the magazines is relevant and that they have permission to use the text and/or images. For example: If a picture was used which expososes a celebrity or a role model ie: Kate Middleton that could offend the person or offend the public and not have specific permission to use the image the company can be sued and their reputation can be tarnished.
The finance of Bauer Media is crucial. The company need to generate a profit from what they produce. Some of the money they make is re invested into producing professional quality maagzines for their audiences where they have gained their trust. With more than 570 newspapers, over 300 digital products, and 50 radio and TV stations, the Bauer Media Group reaches millions of people across the world. The Group’s turnover is stable at over two billion euros. The table below shows the overview of econmoic developments of Bauer.

Bauer Media today announces the appointment of Claire Irvin as Editor-in-Chief across its Parenting portfolio.

One of the UK’s most successful magazine editors, Claire joins Bauer from Hearst UK where she worked as editor of SHE Magazine until its closure in August 2011. She has also been editor of Sugar and ELLEGirl, editor-at-large of Grazia, acting editor of Company, and editorial consultant for women’s glossies such as Red and InStyle.

In her new role, Claire will work across Bauer’s popular Parenting brands including the market-leading Mother & Baby magazine, the UK’s only title dedicated to pregnancy
Celbrity culture and gossip is on the lips of every one of Bauer's audience. The crave of having information about the most up to date and releavnt celebrity news avalible and Bauer provide this to them in a professional manor. Celeb's help companies like Bauer run as they are the main subject for their products. Without celeb's Bauer wouldnt have anything to include in their magazines, radio shows, apps or even on their website. The content is what lure's in the target audience of Women who seen women's weekly lifestyle information.
These two sectors are similar in what they would like to achieve. Their aim is to help Bauer exapnd their name in the market by supplying their audince with different ways to view thier content. Radio and TV specificuly help Bauer by giving their audience a bigger range to view content that the provide. Some of the auidience may not have time or the money to go and buy a magazine from a store so they have the option to view what they have to offer on the radio or on TV channels such as Kiss and Kerrang! They provide advertisment for Bauer Media which generates them money to use to then provide efficent information for thier company.Digital services Bauer provide also stay up to date with the latest technology in this day and age. Having thier content avalible on ipads and phones means that people do not always need to purchase a magazine and the technology is updated. Some also may enjoy having to look at a screen as is suits their lifestyle as the products are portable other than on paper in a magazine.
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