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Charity Prezi

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Alec Ross

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of Charity Prezi

Charity Organizations Howdo charities operate? What is a Charity? Why work for a Charity? Conclusion In conclusion a charity is a non profit organization that has an occupation to help those at a disadvantage or in need. It is run by a passionate individual or a group. Workers are not payed. They are volunteers and have the will to help those at a disadvantage. A charity is an organization with an occupation to raise money for good uses and draw attention tothe needs of disadvantagedgroups in society. Charities rely on donations for there revenue. This can come from any citizen that cares and wants to make a change in the world.They also rely on fund raising events such as fetes, jumble sales, sponsored activities, and raffles.

A number of charities run business ventures. An example is Oxfam that has a chain of charitiy shops that sell second hand goods donated by the public.

Charities rely on volunteer workers to operate most of the physical functions. Money and finances is usually taken care of by employed professionals. To develop skills
To feel good about helping others in need
A sense of well being Types of Charities Social Clubs
Veterans organizations
Foreign Aid charities
Animal Charities
Examples of Charities Age Concern (raisng money on the behalf of senior citizens.
Red Cross Organization
Cancer Campaign
Save the children fund
Salvation Army Advantages/Disadvantages to a charity.
Charities do not have to pay taxes which results in more money for the function of it.
Charities can offset any chariatable donations they make against tax. This helps when raising funds.
Most charities do not make money
Charities can encourage those in need to not work or try to help themelves.
No Profit made due to the motive of a charity which is non profit
Relies on volunteer staff and donations to support the charity Who owns and operates a Charity? A charity is started by an individual who has a will to help those in need. Usually a grant or a loan is submited to begin the initial functions of the charity. this personis normally the chair of the organization. Alec, Meredith,
Nebiha, Camila

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