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Arranged Marriages

No description

Karim Khater

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Arranged Marriages

What is an Arranged Marriage?
Affects of Arranged
According to doctor Robert Epstem, arranged marriages have some good affects, but has mostly negative affects on both the bride and the groom.
The Purpose
It's still done because it has been done for generations.
Gender Roles:
In many places, the girl is less important than the boy and is considered a burden
giving the daughter away provides less spending for her hamily. Dowry (payment-uneducated/young
: It is the traditional belief that the girl is safest with a husband. Keeps her away from rape/assoult

Where Do Arranged Marriages occur?
Arranged Marriages occur all throughout different regions around the world. Arranged Marriages mostly occur in more traditional and religious based cultures and occur less in more western and modern cultures.
Arranged Marriages
By: Ibrahim, Karim, and Janane
What regions do Arranged Marriages occur?
South East Asia
Japan and Korea
The Middle East
All throughout Africa
All throughout South America
These are only a few of the regions that Arranged Marriages occur in.
Removes Courtship Period &
Narrows the choices
When arranged marriages are set up it prevents the bride and groom from really getting to know one another and eliminates the factor of romance in the process of marriage.
Also because the family is greatly involved in the process of arranged marriages the bride/groom has very limited choices to choose from and sometimes the bride/ groom have no choice at all
In addition, most married young girls are repeatedly beaten by their husbands
An Arranged Marriage is a marriage where the Groom and Bride are decided by a third party, mostly parents, and not the Groom and Bride themselves.
What is being done to stop early arranged marriages?
According to the United Nations Population Fund(UNPA), an estimated 140 million young girls will be married between 2011 and 2020.
Many organizations are trying to stop early arranged marriages such as
The Egyptian Foundation for Advancement of the Childhood Condition, Forward – UK, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) – Tanzania, Girls Not Brides – Global, and many more all around the world.
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