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No description

kera tomlin

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of KERA TOMLIN

"Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline."

Jim Collins, Author
Your Vision for Tomorrow...
Revenue growth from $10-15M in 2-3 yrs
Increase product offerings while keeping costs and staff at a minimum
An acquisition or opportunity to go public
~ Bridging the gap between
Today's Business Environment
Increasing Regulations

65% of wrongful termination cases are won by the employee
Wrongful Terminations
Avg. out of court settlement award= $40,000
Avg. court award = $218,000
Avg. cost of defending a wrongful termination case is $45,000
solid HR infrastructure
employee handbook
job descriptions
policies & procedures
67% vs. 33%
(Gallup, 2009)
Employee engagement is defined as an energized feeling one has toward his or her work.
Employee engagement is defined as an energized feeling one has toward his or her work.
67% vs. 33%
Best Use of Employee Time
of HR functionality is administrative in nature

45% of $50,000 = $22,500
18 hours of a 40 hour work week
For Example: $50,000 salary
Doing More With Less
Three Choices:
How confident are you with the strategy in place to maximize your resources in this environment?
Lynne Gray & Trena Green

Your HR Business Partners
Acme Pharmaceuticals Assigned HR Business Partner
Starting with a Full HR Audit fully reviewing your:
Employee Files
Job Descriptions
Policies & Procedures
Employee Handbooks
Wage and Hour Analysis
Based on this audit, together you will develop a customized HR Business Plan to fit your needs and timelines.
Immediate Action of HR Business Partner
ADP Resource Technology
online courses
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
, worldwide
Several courses can apply towards CPE, CEU and college credits

Sample Courses:
Recognition & Reward – Using them Effectively
Terminations – Essential Actions for Success
Business Writing for Managers & Employees
Hiring: Using Behavioral Interviewing
Communication - Basic Skills for Clear Messages
Stress Management – Practical Tips for Everyday Issues
Customer Service – Keeping Your Cool When Your Customer Doesn’t
Preparing for an OSHA inspection
Employment Laws, Regulations & Compliance
Preventing Harassment
Training: ADP Resource University
Discount Perks to Offer Your Employees
We look forward to partnering with you!
HR Certificate – Regis University
Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)
Markets Served
Denver, Salt Lake City

HR Experience
Combined over 20 years experience
with a variety of business models
Snapshot of Today...
1) 41 employees paid weekly
2) $10 million in revenue
3) Gearing up back-office to
support the growth oppty
4) Focus on employee training
Human Capital - Your Largest Asset
In 2011 - 75% of employers reported involuntarily losing their most high-performing employee
- Houston Bus. Journal

1) Losing employees to competitors

2) Administrative staff spread thin

3) Compliance challenges
* Streamline Administration
* Mitigate risk
* Become an employer of choice
What does your tomorrow look like?
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