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The Color of my Words

No description

Connor Waldman

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Color of my Words

Lesson 5: Keep Calm and Carry On
After Ana Rosa's brother died, she and her entire family mourned him. After this traumatizing experience, Ana Rose stops writing for good. Later, she learns that she can't let one thing, no matter how big, ruin her dreams and ambitions for the future and ruin her success in life. She eventually bounces back and starts writing again about her brothers story so he wont be forgotten, which makes everyone else feel rejoiced and happier. She said "I have to write Guario's story down so that everyone will know my brother"
Lesson 1: Follow your Passions
Ana Rosa wants to become a writer, but in her country of the Dominican Republic, writers don't have freedom of speech, and only the president can write books, poems, and literature, according to when Ana Rosa says "... There was not reason i couldn't try and be the first writer who wasn't the President of our Island". To make her dream come true, Ana Rosa keeps a notebook of her writing. The things that really makes Ana Rosa continue to write is her mothers encouragement and her brothers supporting words. These eventually pushing her towards greatness.
Lesson 4: Don't Blame Yourself
Near the end of the the story, some men are going to tear down the community's houses and build a hotel in their place. When one of the men who is tearing down the houses, Ana Rosa's brother is trying to get Ana Rosa out of her Gri Gri tree before she gets hurt, but he gets shot and killed. Ana Rosa is blaming herself for the tragic accident and wont let anyone else tell her otherwise. Ana Rose needed to learn that she wasn't the one how killed her brother, and it wasn't her fault he was killed.
Lesson 2: Be Honest
Because Ana Rose has a dream of becoming a writer, she needs a notebook to write her ideas, thoughts, poetry, and stories in. Although Ana Rosa's parents say that 40 pesos is to much for a notebook, she is motivated to take her brothers notebook that he uses for work, almost costing him his job! When Ana Rosa's family starts to get worried and look for the notebook, Ana Rosa knows the book is hidden under her mattress but doesn't confess that she had it. Ana Rosa is really desperate for a notebook because "Guario had already asked me twice if I had seen his notebook and i said no." Finally, she tells her brother where the notebook is and why she had it in the first place. Her brother forgives her for being honest and buys Ana Rosa a notebook for herself.
Lesson 3: Stay Creative
When Ana Rosa saw a sea monster in the ocean while she was sitting in her Gri Gri tree she went to tell her parents and neighbors about the amazing creature. Nobody believes her until, one day, they all see the sea monster Ana Rosa had pointed out. "There I was looking at the sea when suddenly out of it rose a giant monster... !" They decide to make it public that there is a sea monster on the cost the Dominican Republic, so her neighbors and family must choose a person to write an article for the local paper. Ana Rose is chosen to write it, portraying the monster as friendly, lonely, and just a creature looking for a home. This takes a large amount of creativity to make up a believable story about something completely unknown. Because Ana Rosa does portrays this perfectly, it is a major accomplishment because it testes her writing skills and the extent for her imagination.
The Color of my Words

"The 5 important lessons, from one student to another"

By Giana Waldman
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