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No description

Amy Deignan

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Insomnia

Partner with Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland have over 100,000 likes so will reach a wider community.
Fans eager to see the initiative take off in Dublin.

What is Suspended Coffee?
New initiative which began in Italy.

Buy one coffee for yourself and one suspended coffee for someone in need

50 cafes registered

What is Insomnia's role:

To promote the initiative in store and online.

Sticker for the insomnia cafe window

Download the suspended coffee poster and display in store

Need to share the videos on their website and social media.

Encourage people to tweet about taking part in the initiative
Benefits for Insomnia:

Increase public perception on the brand
Increased engagement opportunities
Helping an Irish Charity

Link with Consumer Behaviour theory

customers will respond in consistently favourable manner with respect to the campaign

Link with Consumer Behaviour theory

customers will respond in consistently favourable
manner with respect to the campaign
Aoife Brierley C10360239
Leo Butt C10367549
Stephen Byrne C10308667
Emma Corcoran C10373537
Jack Cox C10341531
Amy Deignan C10334003
Conor O'Neill C10363871
Shauna Ryan C09372318
Company Background

Established in 1997, flagship store located in a bookstore in Galway
Grew continuously over the next four years, expanding into Dublin
Now Ireland’s leading coffee chain
Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships

In January 2008, Penninn purchased a 51% stake in the company

In December 2010, Penninn sold their interests in the company to Bobby Kerr (Chairman), Harry O’Kelly (CEO) and John Clohisey.

Currently have 79 stores nationwide

Informative - store guide, news feed
Links to social media
No reason to visit site
Only basic loyalty offerings

Topical posts - current issues in the news, weather, irish rugby matches
Post about their lunch menu’s
Semi-regular posts
Posts photos of their coffee
Re-tweets positive messages by customers
Encourage customers to post photos of their coffee
Unsuccessful YouTube page
4,184 views, 14 videos
12 subscribers
Last activity over a year ago

Constantly updating
Pictures of Coffee and coffee themed jokes
New products and seasonal products highlighted
Barista designs uploaded

Potential for increase - lack of customer engagement
An attitude is a learned tendency
to respond in consistently favourable
or unfavourable manner with respect to a given object
Customers view on Insomnia is based on three dimensions of attitude:
Insomnia attempt to influence the attitudes of their customers by:
“Meet our Irish suppliers” tab on the website
‘ZAPA Tag’ loyalty programme
The ‘News’ segment on the website
Responding quickly to customer queries/problems

Motivation refers to the processes that cause people to behave as they do. It is the driving force within individuals that drives them into action.

Insomnia must recognise consumer needs and wants:

Past experience and familiarity important in choosing coffee shop.
Convenience, value for money and brand reputation also important.
Desire to support a local brand


Personality traits allow marketers to segment consumers as a function of their personality differences.
Insomnia’s brand personality consists of the following dimensions:

Shared meanings, norms and rituals shared among members in society

Coffee culture:
Increasing in Ireland
Can be partly accredited to popular TV shows such as Friends and Frasier

Perception is how information is attended to and comprehended by consumers. Exposure is the first step in information processing.

Customers exposed to Insomnia through social media, advertisements and shop fronts
Insomnia is an Irish brand
Irish consumers favour home brands in tough times

Insomnia try to grab consumers attention online by:
Using appealing images of their products
Highlighting the fact they’re Irish
Promoting Fair Trade efforts

Consumer Behaviour

Digital Marketing
No online community
Not competing with competitors in some aspects of website design such as an online menu
Opportunity to improve brand perception in Ireland
Need to be current

To create an online community of insomniacs to drive engagement and loyalty, to introduce a multi channel loyalty system, to increase public perception of the brand in Ireland, improve competitiveness.
Digital Strategy Recommendations
Create a Pinterest board
Online community of 'Insomniacs'
Online and in-store competition.
Irish Charity initiative.
YouTube channel - Insomnia instrumental.
Social media presence


Why should Insomnia use Pinterest:
Encourages consumer engagement
Drives more referral traffic (Horn, 2012)
Brand awareness and customer retention (Mead, 2013)
Helps to increase SEO (Nicodemus, 2013)

Create Insomnia Coffee Co. Pinterest page
Have links back to the website from the page
Create ‘insomniacs’ board
Provide recipes to engage the audience
Update frequently

Why should Insomnia develop an app:

Reinforced branding: Higher sell-through and repeat business
“Push” possibility (Tripp, 2013)
Collect Data
Distribute Coupons (Clark, 2013)


Work with an established mobile marketing firm to create an app.
Loyal customers can sign in, view their account history, search for their local store, and engage in online competitions.

Link with Consumer Behaviour Theory:

Influence with motivation: Consumers will be motivated by convenience and the familiarity of the app branding and this will encourage downloads.
QR Code

Customers scan to QR code at POP to gain loyalty points
Customer can check points on the app
Other future uses of codes - having QR codes on the take-away coffee cups, when scanned, customers will be redirect to a vine/viral video of a rising Irish star, comedian etc.

Chistmas Competition:

'Create your own flavour of coffee' competition
Share flavour via social media sites
Get as many like and share as possible to win


promote Insomniacs and to increase membership
engage with the customer
build brand awareness and loyalty

Link with Consumer Behaviour Theory:
Insomnia’s brand personality will be enhanced

Benefits of Viral Videos:

Engage followers
Attract customers (Hines, 2013)
Potential to spread fast
Great for engaging potential clients
Fast and inexpensive (Segal, 2013)


Increase online presence through viral videos.
Create viral video to promote the christmas competition
Promote rising Irish stars through the use of viral vidoes.
Create videos on coffee making and designing coffees

Link with Consumer Beavhoiur Theory:
Through enhanced social media coverage - the perception of the brand is increased and improved

Insomnia Instrumental

Promote young Irish singers on our YouTube account
Create a community
Increase positive public perception
Have these young Irish stars create short vines about Insomnia

Who are we targeting?

Students and Business people
Cater for people looking for flavour and/or energy rush
Age 18 - 55
Busy working lifestyle- looking for convenience/quick coffee
Business people going to work/ on their lunch breaks/ going to meetings
Located in urban areas

Online community of insomniacs - engagement and loyalty
Introduced a multi-channel loyalty system
Increased public perception of the brand in Ireland
Improve competitiveness
Thank you, any questions?
Website Overview
12 subscribers, 4,000+ views

Company History and Social Media Background

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Digital Marketing

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Consumer Behaviour Theory

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Link with Consumer Behaviour theory:
Creation of a community creates shared meanings, norms and rituals shared among members

No online community
Opportunity to improve brand perception in Ireland
Increase engagement
Suspended Coffee Initiative:

Began in Italy
Buy 2 coffees - 1 for yourself, 1 suspended coffee
Suspended coffee is for someone in need
Currently 50 cafes registed
Insomnia would be the first chain to get involved

Link to Consumer Behaviour:
Attitude: consumers will have a more favourable attitude towards the brand
Perception: consumers positive perception of the brand will increase

Partner with Focus Ireland
Promote suspended coffee initiative online
Place posters in store to create awareness
Get customers involved
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